Monday, June 17, 1985

1985 June Events (6/8,10,17/1985)

Saturday, June 8, 1985
After watching Erich's T-ball game, we went strawberry picking in Seekonk, MA.
Kyle at the strawberry farm
Tamiko found a strawberry
We picked nearly six pounds of strawberries!

Monday, June 10, 1985
Kyle and Erich came to celebrate Kent's birthday before dinner.
Kent and Erich
Kent and Kyle
We had a Black Forest cake from Gregg's that wasn't too popular with the kids, so they had strawberries and ice cream.

Monday, May 17, 1985
After dinner with Kyle and Erich, we went to the Emmanuel Baptist Church on Charles Street, where Erich attends Prime Time Preschool. Tonight was his graduation, as the kids paraded in, listened to a short speech by teacher Pam M, who then sang the "goodbye" song to each student, who received a diploma and a lollipop. Later there were refreshments and a video of the kids.
Prime Time Preschool students and Pam M
Erich holds his diploma and lollipop aloft

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