Sunday, September 1, 1985

1985 Erich's Birthday (8/31-9/1/1985)

Saturday, August 31, 1985
I made a marble birthday cake, using amaretto cocoa and Hershey’s syrup for drippy writing on the cake! We went to Federal Hill to get the fixings for dinner. Keith and Joyce K arrived at 16:00 and later we had dinner of a salad, spicy marinated steaks, and tortellini with pesto sauce and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Dinner was followed by the cake and gifts for Erich.
Next on the agenda was the doubleheader between the PawSox and Maine Guides. We picked up Brendan B and headed to McCoy Stadium. We tried sitting at some of the many empty and more comfortable green seats, but an usher came to ask for our tickets. We only had Grandstand tickets given out by Meeting Street School. We moved to the blue white seats.
After the third inning it was tied 1-1. The next several innings were just 1-2-3 outs. Then it started getting interesting, especially for Kyle who finally found ways to follow the game and anticipate. The three younger boys had popcorn and sodas, and the two big boys had beer. In the top of the 8th inning, the Guides had a 2-run homer. Then at the bottom of the 8th, the Guides walked a PawSoxer to load the bases with only one out. But, alas, the PawSox couldn’t capitalize on the situation, and lost the game 1-3. We took Brendan to his grandfather’s house, and drove home.

Sunday, September 1, 1985
We took Kyle and Erich to their mom’s, where everyone had congregated for Erich’s birthday party. We all drove to Chuck E Cheese and once settled in, Erich opened gifts.
Erich opening gifts
Erich, Sean, Ben, and others
After a Nerf ball soccer contest, there was pizza and soft drinks. Chuck E Cheese put on a general birthday greetings and “danced.” Then we had ice cream and Mary Jane’s cake.
Blowing out the candles on the 'E' cake
The kids were given tokens for the rides and arcade games.
The ball pit was popular
After a couple hours, it was time to leave.

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