Saturday, January 4, 1986

1986 Jamestown, RI (1/4/1986)

Saturday, January 4, 1986
Picked up Kyle and Erich, and after going to the library, we headed to Warwick for lunch at the Rocky Point Chowder House. Had "chowdah," clamcakes, and fish nuggets. Although cold and windy, it was sunny, and we drove to Jamestown to Beavertail State Park to see the foundation of the original lighthouse built in 1749 to mark the entrance to Narragansett Bay. It was the third lighthouse built in the colonies, after Boston Light and Brant Point Light on Nantucket, MA. A hurricane in 1938 uncovered the remains that we now see, supposedly a fine example of colonial stonework.
1749 lighthouse foundation
Nearby was the present lighthouse, built in 1856, and made from granite. We walked over the rocks, noting the shale and quartz, and the boys found ice in the tidal pools.
View across the water to the Jamestown battery
Driving farther, we found Fort Getty and its concrete battlements (1901-1905).
The boys played Spud while I explored the battery.
Before we left Jamestown, we stopped at the windmill. It was built in 1797 and used until 1896 to grind corn.
Jamestown windmill

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