Saturday, April 5, 1986

1986 Battleship Cove, MA (4/5/1986)

Saturday, March 29, 1986
Kent, Kyle and Erich at the Roger Williams Park Zoo

Sunday, March 30, 1986
Erich and Kyle on Easter (KSS)

Saturday, April 5, 1986
Mike and Ryan were visiting for a week.
Erich, Kyle, Ryan (KSS)
Today after lunch we dropped Kyle off at a birthday party, and the rest of us went to Battleship Cove. Ryan and Erich dropped off snoring as we drove. So they had plenty of energy to run all over the USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr destroyer, the USS Lionfish submarine, and the USS Massachusetts battleship. Stayed a couple hours.
USS Massachusetts and USS Lionfish
Ryan and Erich
Teak deck
Ryan and Erich on the anchor playground 
Bridge reflection in spotlight
Erich and Ryan with Mike
on the USS Massachusetts

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