Saturday, May 10, 1986

1986 Kyle's First Communion (5/10/1986)

Saturday, May 10, 1986
Today was Kyle’s First Holy Communion at St Augustine’s at 10:00. We found Kyle’s assigned pew near the back to sit and wait. The Js and Erich arrived, and then the communicants filed in.
Kyle's First Communion
First Communion program cover
It was a huge class. Mass proceeded as usual, with the loud singing nun and a half-dozen priests. The first communicants received Communion in orderly fashion, followed by a herd of adults.
Afterwards there were refreshments in the cafeteria. Kyle handed in his robe and received his certificate, and we all drove to Mary Jane’s. We picked up Kyle’s retainer, and Kent and I drove him to Dr. Bob’s, the dentist, to have the retainer straightened. We then joined the rest of the family at China Inn in Pawtucket for Kyle’s First Communion lunch.
China Inn fortune
Later after dinner, we picked up Kyle from a birthday party, and sat down to watch a 3-D/three-dimensional movie on Channel 38 with our 3-D glasses. Whenever we took off the glasses, we could tell our eyes had accommodated to one blue lens and one red lens. We needed the commercial breaks to rest our eyes!
Kyle, Erich, Kent with 3-D glasses

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