Sunday, August 31, 1986

1986 Erich's Birthday (8/31/1986)

Sunday, August 31, 1986
After Kyle and I went to Mass, we had lunch and Kent took the boys to their mom’s, and she would take them to the beach at Bonnet Shores where they have rented a cabana for the summer. There we would have Erich’s birthday party. We left at 14:00 to drive down to Bonnet Shores, stopping to purchase a piñata for the party. We arrived at 16:00 to show our pass to get in.
Walked down to the rocks with Kyle, then did some sitting around. Eventually had dinner of hot dogs or hamburgers with the usual accoutrements and cold pasta salad. The carrot cake had a boat followed by a shark fin on it, and there were Hoodsie ice cream cups.
Erich and Kyle's head
Erich tore through the gifts and then it was time for the piñata.
Kyle and Erich wait under the piñata
Erich in ready stance
The kids went to play ball as the adults had coffee. We left about 19:30.

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