Saturday, August 2, 1986

1986 Goosewing again! (8/2/1986)

Saturday, August 2, 1986
The sky looked very iffy with big gray clouds, but we decided to go ahead to Goosewing. It turned out to be a great beach day, as we paid our $7, and were one of the first to arrive. We saw Pam and Wayne there, preparing for Wayne’s company picnic. There was a beached boat on the beach, just a hull.
Beached boat
The lifeguards were cleaning up loose boards and some guys were trying to free the rudder and propeller. Kent pulled off the license plate.
Kent at the beached boat
After lunch the boys went off to paddle the raft in an inlet.
Erich and Kyle with their yacht
Goosewing Farm
They came back announcing there were crabs to be caught. I took my camera, and sure enough, you could see them scuttling through the water.
Goosewing inlet
A crab
Later we built a sand castle, then headed home at 15:00.
After dinner we walked to Newport Creamery. Kent and I had Fudgsicle-like maple fudge ice cream, and the kids got Awful Awfuls, Junior ones.

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