Saturday, August 30, 1986

1986 Wickford, RI (8/30/1986)

Saturday, August 30, 1986
Kent had the BIF Golf Tournament today in Foster, RI, a new and difficult course for him. I did a thorough housecleaning, then drove to Wickford, RI on this cool (70 degrees) and sunny day. Walked around to window shop and take pictures.
Wickford Town Square
At the harbor I saw a quahogger at work.
Wickford Harbor
Typical Wickford house
Saw some nice front doors on the old colonial homes.
Front door
House with cedar shingles
Lobster doorknocker
Whale weathervane
Front door
Went down Gold Street to see the Kane family homes, and saw an elegant reception in someone’s backyard. I felt like the paparazzi! (Paparazza?)
When I got home, I got a call from Donna P who had PawSox tickets which I went to pick up and got a tour of her house! Kent came home with Kyle and Erich shortly after 18:00. We quickly ate the veggie stew and biscuits I had made, and drove to McCoy Stadium. I was dropped off to exchange the tickets, only able to get General Admission.
PawSox ticket
I waited a long time for Kent who had to park several blocks away and had trouble with his car alarm. We missed the anthem and first pitch, but found seats way in the back behind home plate. A fairly exciting game with home runs by John Christiansen and Todd Benzinger. The boys got popcorn. We left at the bottom of the seventh inning because it was so late. 

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