Sunday, October 12, 1986

1986 Osamequin Bird Sanctuary (10/11/1986)

Saturday, October 11, 1986
Kent’s parents arrived yesterday and had to stay with us, since the hotels were booked for Parents weekend at all the colleges. This morning Kent took Kyle to a Cub Scouts clean-up at 9:00. Afterwards they came to pick up the rest of us to go watch soccer practice. After lunch Kent’s parents were able to check into the Susse Chalet in Seekonk, MA.
We went to Osamequin Bird Sanctuary in Barrington, RI.
(Erich), Ada, Bert, Kyle, and Kent
Lots of grasshoppers and big fuzzy black and red-orange caterpillars (Pyrrharctia Isabella/Woolly Bear caterpillars).
Erich shows Kyle the Woolly Bear caterpillar (photo by Ada)
Saw bayberry bushes, interesting trees, stagnant ponds, and picked over pine cones.
Bayberry bushes
Thick underbrush
Kyle spotted a rabbit and a chipmunk.
We drove through Barrington, seeing a funny car that looked like a mini-rocketship, with two people in a cockpit. We went out on Rumstick Point. Nice properties! Went to Colt State Park where lots of people were flying kites. There was an Irish setter that kept jumping into the water to swim, then he’d come out and shake himself, and dash at us for fun.
Bert, Ada, Erich, Irish setter, unknown, and Kyle
He kept us entertained for a while. Drove home via the Susse Chalet to get the Stumpes’ car, to bake an apple pie and have homemade Cincinnati Chili.

Sunday, October 12, 1986
When the boys and I returned from Mass, Kent’s parents were at the house for a big breakfast.
Kyle and Erich "masquerading (photo by Ada)
We went to Kyle and Erich’s soccer game, where they finally scored, with the help of the opposition! Tied 2-2.
Kyle and Erich in soccer uniforms (photo by Ada)
After lunch, Kent’s mom started trimming plants, which got everyone doing chores. Kent and the boys washed his car. Then there was the Red Sox playoff game vs the Angels.
Erich and Kyle play a game with Grandma
Erich working (photo by Ada)
Kyle setting the table (photo by Ada)
After a ham dinner, Kent’s parents left to ready for their drive back to Cleveland tomorrow.
Kyle and Erich ready for bed (photo by Ada)

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