Friday, March 13, 1987

1987 Kyle's Birthday Party (3/13/1987)

Erich is missing his two front teeth
Erich with a duck nose and Kyle with a mouse nose
Friday, March 13, 1987
Erich & Kyle in their basketball uniforms
Erich and Kyle
Action shot!
Enough already?
We went to Kyle and Erich’s playoff basketball game this evening, where Erich got a half-time free throw.
Kyle during warm-up
Erich during warm-up
Game time huddle;
Kyle and Erich in the right
Afterwards to Mary Jane’s where Kyle was having his birthday party. Had a long wait for one more kid to arrive, before opening gifts, cake and ice cream cake, then watching a video before slumbering.
Kyle opening gifts
What's Erich doing?
Kyle opening another gift
Who is blowing out the birthday candles?!
Erich with a piece of birthday cake 

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