Sunday, July 19, 1987

1987 Grandparents Visit

Kyle and Erich with school awards
Sunday, July 19, 1987
Kent’s parents left today, having arrived on Wednesday, July 15, bringing Kyle and Erich back from a week and a half in Ohio. Photos by Ada of their activities in Ohio:
Kyle and Erich with the Stegosaurus at the
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Erich and Kyle at the Museum of Natural History
Erich and Kyle at COSI (Center of Science and Industry)
in Columbus, OH
Kyle and Erich at COSI
Kyle with a baby chick
Erich with a baby chick
Kyle and Erich at Rocky River Park
Kyle and Erich
Ryan, Kyle, and Erich during
lunchtime at the grandparents'
"I'm too big for this..."
Grandpa with Erich
Grandpa with Kyle at Jeanne's pool
Grandpa with Erich
Kyle, Erich, and Grandma play croquet

We went to Goosewing Beach on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday.
Goosewing Beach season pass
Kent’s parents took the boys to the waterslides in Westport, MA while Kent and I went to Mary B's wedding to Ed R.
Kent and Tamiko before (photo by Ada)
Kent and Tamiko after (photo by Ada)
Erich and Kyle with Grandma S

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