Friday, April 29, 1988

1988 Celtics Playoff Game (4/29/1988)

Friday, April 29, 1988
At 18:15 we got in the car in pouring rain and headed north into Massachusetts. By then it had cleared, but as we approached Boston, we saw dark clouds and occasional flashes of lightning. Parked at the Quincy Market Parking Garage on the 6th level. Took the elevator down and followed the crowds to the Boston Garden. We had much coveted tickets to the first quarterfinal playoff game between the Celtics and the Knicks, from Ed D who was planning on taking Kent, but lucky for me, he wasn’t able to go himself. Even though it was the night before the wedding, knowing the value of the tickets, I was willing to let Kent go on his own with Ed.
Our seats were in the last row to one side of end court behind the press boxes, but we had a view of the whole court. Behind us was standing room only, with some boisterous fans/fanatics, who got very quiet at times, but knew when to boost the team and really appreciated good efforts. The Celtics were losing at first, but were ahead 53-51 at the half. They picked up the pace and won the game 122-102. We stayed until the last second, and saw Brad Lohaus stuff an alley-oop pass from Reggie Lewis. When we were leaving, I said to Kent we would have missed the “Bradhaus” play if we had left early. A major traffic jam leaving the parking garage, and saw a couple guys near fisticuffs over cutting in line. Paid $8 for parking, got right on I-93 and home by 23:45.
Celtics playoff game ticket

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