Saturday, April 30, 1988

1988 Wedding Day (4/30/1988)

Sunday, April 3, 1988
Happy Easter!
Kyle and Erich
Kyle and Erich      

Saturday, April 30, 1988
Wedding Day!
Up at 7:00 to finish ironing and touch up our wedding outfits. After Kent showered I went to Nair and do my nails, then shower and shampoo. Karen B was to come to do my hair between 9:15 and 9:30, but didn’t arrive until 9:45. However, she was done by 10:15. The Ss arrived as I did the dishes and ran to tell Pam that we were getting married today. We opened a gift from the Ss of silver candleholders with hurricane lamps, and a card with a check for $1,000. They also brought a gift from the Bs of five blank VCR tapes to duplicate the wedding video. I left at 11:00 to pick up my parents and sister, Kathy, at the airport. As I drove up at 11:18, I saw their plane taxiing to the terminal. Parked in the short term lot, and went in with plenty of time to greet my family. They had short flights from Buffalo and Philadelphia, and then to Providence, but had a 2-hour layover in Philly. Back at our house our respective parents met for the first time. Kent and his parents left at noon to go watch Erich’s first Little League baseball game. We had lunch of turkey breast and roast beef sandwiches, and strawberries and grapes.
Floral centerpiece (GJT)
The flowers from Frey’s arrived, and I paid the balance of $65 and tipped the girl $5. The flowers looked great! The cascading bouquet was stuffed with carnations, small roses, and baby’s breath, all white and green with flowing white ribbons. The mothers’ corsages had four small white roses with baby’s breath and white bows. Kent’s boutonniere had two white roses and baby’s breath, and the fathers’ and Kyle and Erich had white carnations with ferns.
Ada pins on Bert's boutonniere (GJT)
When the Ss returned, I got dressed, with Kathy helping to button up the size 4 dress, and to help me choose nude vs off-white stockings. Went with nude. Kent left to pick up Kyle and Erich, and I got everything together to leave by 12:25. 12:30 was the deadline! I never did polish my nails or re-brush my teeth! The rest of us piled into the Ss’ van and I directed us to the First Unitarian Church of Providence.
First Unitarian Church of Providence (GJT)
Ada carries the floral centerpiece (GJT)
Kent arrived right behind us, and Kathy started videotaping.
Videographer Kathy T (GJT)
I had a floral arrangement for the table in the front of the meeting house, and set out the programs. Donald D was already warming up on the organ, and Tom A came to be introduced all around. I tried to let everyone know what their parts were. At five minutes to 13:00, Donald Dame began to play what was really Rosymeder, which I had misspelled in the program because I couldn’t find it in the library for the proper spelling! A lovely quiet piece, and the Ss and my mother walked down the aisle to the first pews, with Kathy videotaping all the while.
Then at 13:00, Donald D began the organ processional of Trumpet Tunes. Kent went down the aisle, followed by Kyle and Erich who joined their grandparents. I came on my father’s arm. He presented me and shook hands with Kent, and joined my mother in the pew. When the music ended, Tom began reading from the program/script. He did well, ad-libbing for smoother introductions of each section. We had forgotten to tell the parents to stand for their part in giving their blessing, but they gave it nevertheless. In the exchange of vows, we had to check the script ourselves! For the rings, Kyle and Erich did their part in holding onto the boxes, and presenting them when needed. Tom took the rings to explain the meaning, and then we put them on each other, reading our lines.
Kent slides ring on Tamiko (KWT)
Tamiko slides ring on Kent (KWT)
When pronounced husband and wife, we gave each other a smacking kiss! Tom read from the modified Corinthians reading, about the greatest of these is love, and then gave a benediction. With the “Amen,” Donald D began the recessional Toccato. Kent and I walked down the aisle to get the marriage license and thank-you cards. During the resounding organ music, congratulations went around, and then our fathers signed the marriage license as witnesses. When the organist was done, we applauded, and Kent ran up to give him his thank-you note with the fee.
Kent with Donald D at the organ
Tom had waived the church and minister’s fees, but we gave him a LaSerre gift certificate with his thank-you note. We had him stay for some photos, and then spent a long time ourselves taking pictures.
Tamiko, Tom A, Kent (KWT)
Erich, Kent, Kyle (KWT)
Bert, Tamiko, Kent, Ada
Erich, Kyle (KWT)
Gordon, Tamiko, Kent, Yuriko
Gordon, Yuriko, Kathy, Tamiko, Erich, Kent, Kyle, Ada, Bert
Tamiko and bouquet (GJT)
Whew! Finally a few photos outside. The ceremony probably lasted 15 minutes, and the picture-taking a half hour!
Kent then took Erich to get ready for Jeffrey’s birthday party at 15:30. Although it was early, the rest of us headed to Rumford to tour the new house.
Our Rumford house-to-be
Got there at 15:00, just as Diane G, the realtor arrived! She wasn’t expecting us early, and had us wait outside for a few minutes. She had her arms full of bags. We wandered around the outside of the house in the sunshine, as the sun had come out when the wedding music began! When we entered the house, we saw that Diane had set up a little reception for us! And Kent wasn’t planning on coming! I called and he drove over as fast as he could, while everyone roamed through the house. Once Kent arrived, Diane poured champagne and my father took on the role of giving a toast to us, and to the Ss, doing very well!
Tamiko & Kent do the champagne thing
So everyone sipped the sweet champagne and the kids had 7-up. There was a plate of small cookies to pass around. Diane also gave us a card and a gift of a black ceramic vase. It was really very thoughtful of her, and she claims to be romantic. It was an unexpected surprise and a really nice gesture. We left the house after more photos and videotaping.
Tamiko & Kent in front of their house-to-be
I received enthusiastic compliments on my wedding dress from Kathy and Kent’s mother, and from Diane G and Paula B, and my mother, with ready agreement from the menfolks. It was already worth its cost, even though I could smell my sweat!
Kent and Kathy went in his car, and the rest of us in the van. At 17:15 we readied to go to the restaurant and Kent went to pick up Erich. The rest of us were in the van, and approached Federal Hill and the Trattoria d’Antuono’s from the back, since Atwell’s Avenue was closed for the Festa di San Giuseppe. You could smell the frying sausages! We got a table for nine by the door, in view of everyone at the Festa! When Kent arrived with Erich, the waiter asked him what was the occasion. The next thing we knew, our waitress brought over champagne flutes, and poured out Christian Brothers Brut champagne for everyone, even Kyle and Erich got a sip, for a toast that Kent made. For a bunch of teetotalers, we sure drank a lot today!
Bert, Ada, Kent (KWT)
Yuriko, Erich, Kyle (KWT)
There were breadsticks, and bread and butter, and then we started eating, either salads or soups. I had salad with Italian dressing and Kent had the chicken, sausage, and rice soup. Some people had chicken escarole soup, which was chock full of vegetables and noodles. Kyle went without dressing for his salad, but later decided to get the house or Italian dressing. I had one of the specials, the seafood pizzaiola on rice, with shrimp, scallops, and bits of sole in a spicy Italian chopped tomato sauce. Ate only half of it. Kent ate most of his shrimp pesto over linguine. My dad had a special, the chicken Verrazano with chicken filets topped with tomato slices and mozzarella covered with a garlic butter sauce, with steamed broccoli and baked potato. My mom had shrimp scampi, as did Erich. Kathy had the pasta house special, fettuccine puttanesca, but wasn’t thrilled with it. Kyle had pasta and meatballs,, and Kent’s dad had the seafood specialty, and Kent’s mom had lasagna. We were too stuffed for dessert, and no one chose to have coffee. We left about $130.
We thought about taking a walk, but the festival was too crowded, so we drove back home.
I changed, and took my parents and Kathy to the Susse Chalet to check in. Took the slow elevator up to their hot room. Once settled, Kathy was ready for dessert, so we walked over to Howard Johnson’s. Slow service because they need more help. Didn’t have the strawberry shortcake that Kathy wanted, so she had the brownie special like me. Dad had an ice cream soda and mom a coffee. We received a lot of stares. The others returned to the motel, and I drove home in time to say goodnight to the Ss before they went to the Susse Chalet! 

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