Wednesday, May 4, 1988

1988 Circus (5/4/1988)

Wednesday, May 4, 1988
I went back to work, and by then everyone had received the wedding announcement in the mail, and I arrived to congratulations from Baby Team members and a desk full of balloons with a pot of yellow mums in the PT office.
My desk when I returned from the "honeymoon"
There were other little gifts, including a set of four circus tickets for this afternoon! I called Kent, and Mary Jane happened to be at Meeting Street School today, to arrange to pick up the boys. Received a bottle of cognac from Jodi and a mini-heart wreath from Sandy. Kent also found balloons at work, with a bottle of champagne from the advertising person, Julie. Also a glass hurricane lamp for a candle from Cindy. We are doing pretty well with wedding gifts, and yet we really wanted to avoid the whole wedding shower thing!

After my afternoon home visit, I hurried home, and Kent arrived soon afterwards with Erich. We drove to the Providence Civic Center for the 16:00 circus performance. Erich and I walked past the elephants before entering the arena. We had missed only a couple minutes, and Jane M and her daughter arrived later. At intermission, Kent came with Kyle, who had baseball practice. They were able to see the longer second half. All the usual hoopla: trained animals, tightrope, acrobatics, trapeze artists, death wheel, clowns, plus alligator wrestling and the one “resistant” lion. It was over at about 18:30 and we walked up Federal Hill. Since there was a line at Angelo’s, we went to the empty Ricotta’s for grinders. Erich had meatball, Kyle had ham and cheese, and I had a BLT pocket. Kent had a chef’s salad. A long but fun day. Circus tickets were a great wedding gift!

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