Wednesday, June 8, 1988

1988 Wedding Showers (5//22 and 6/8/1988)

Friday May 20, 1988
After work I went home to pick up the Dove Bar Rondos (bite size chocolate covered ice cream) to take to Donna P’s for a “Spring Get-Together,: supposedly because Donna is going in for surgery and will be out for five weeks, and then the summer the whole Baby Team won’t be together. But when I arrived, it was a surprise wedding shower for me! I had my suspicions, but Rose threw me off by bringing a wedding gift for me yesterday, and still saying she was coming to the party! So much for avoiding gifts and showers! Donna’s house was decorated with ribbons and bells. There was loads of food, and we all nibbled away. Everyone except Sandy, Louise, and Bev were there from Baby Team, plus Sue C and Sally from the aerobics class! They had me sit in front of the fireplace to open a pile of gifts. So much for not wanting to be the center of attention!
Center of attention...
They made a “bow corsage” from the bows and ribbons taken from each of the gifts, and claimed that for every ribbon I broke when unwrapping the gifts, we would have a baby! I managed not to break any, but didn’t take the bow off the basket Rose gave me!
I actually had a lot of fun. Later we had desserts and watched the wedding videotape. I was one of the last to leave at 19:00, and drove straight to the McK’s to pick up the twins for weekend respite. Alicia’s mother wasn’t taking her and Ward didn’t know what to do with her, so I took her too. Got home about 20:00 and put Kerry and Jackie to bed on the lower trundle, and Alicia soon joined them. I would have to remember Kerry’s seizure medication schedule, and Alicia’s eye-patch schedule following her eye surgery. Showed all the shower gifts to Kent.

Wednesday, June 8, 1988
After work I went upstairs to Pam’s apartment for my own wedding shower!
PT Wedding shower decorations
Wedding shower napkin
Mary, Janis, Sue, Linda, Pam, and Diane in attendance as Bev and Cindy couldn’t make it. Lots of food again. I received a bunch of nice little gifts, things we could really use, like grilling utensils (fork, tongs, spatula and brush), insect repellent candles, wicker paper plate holders, napkins, corncob holders, and a grill brush/cleaner. Then a pretty bag with very sexy underwear, and a can of whipped cream! But they said that wasn’t all, and they blindfolded me and had me go downstairs and out to Janis’s car. They whipped a blanket off a huge box: a gas grill! I was so overwhelmed! We watched my wedding video, better sound on Pam’s VCR. Then dessert. By 20:00 people left, and I helped Pam clean up. Kent was at an advertising dinner at the Griswold Inn in Essex, CT and didn’t come home until late.

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