Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Tall Ship in Pensacola (12/24/2010)

Friday, December 24, 2010
Christmas Eve
Plaza de Luna at Palafox Pier with a statue of Conquistador Don Tristán de Luna, who stepped ashore in 1559 to found the settlement that was to become Pensacola.
The tall ship "Peacemaker" was in town and open for tours.
It was built in Brazil as the charter ship "Avany," and was launched in 1989. Originally owned by Brazilian industrialist Frank Walker, it was sailed to Savannah, GA to be re-rigged as a three-masted staysail schooner (basically the foremast is no talller than the rear masts). The work was never done and the Walker family decided to sell the boat. The Twelve Tribes purchased the ship and after scraping and painting, they set sail in 2000. While working on upgrading mechanical and electrical systems, and modifying it into a barquentine rig (three masts with the foremast being square-rigged), they sail from port to port.

"Our vision for the ship is to be a seagoing representation of the life of peace and unity that our twelve tribes are living on land in our many communities around the world. It will also provide apprenticeship opportunities for our youth to learn many valuable and practical skills, not only in rigging, sail-making, sailing, navigation, marine mechanics and carpentry, but also in living and working together in tight quarters, as well as many cross-cultural experiences traveling from port to port." (

Great mahogany interiors; Master Cabin:
The Bar:
Pottery is made aboard the ship and sold.
A bathroom:
Square-rigged foremast:
Innovative transom can be lowered while in port to reveal a watertight bulkhead with doors opening into a cargo area:
The "Peacemaker:"

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