Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Weekend (7/9-10/2011)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Will sneak in acouple photos of our dinner out at South Beauty Restaurant in Xintiandi:
Spicy lamb chops:
Mushrooms in the background.
Spicy tofu:

Saturday, July 9, 2011
Today's destination is the Shanghai Museum of Public Security:
Relief mural in the lobby depicting legends of unyielding and altruistic spirit (of the public security officers):
The carved columns represent the five officer groups: criminal, security, traffic, firefighting, and corrections:
On the 2nd floor, the Shanghai Police History Hall.
Kent and Brynne stand with a Sikh Indian patrolman, a "smug" British patrolman, and a Chinese patrolman:
Hollowed book used by spies:
We assume, counterfeit money:
And a check for $1,200,000.00!
A gun used in an assassination attempt on Shanghai's former Mayor Chen Yi:
Criminal messengers?
Hall of Heroes:
On the 3rd Floor, Criminal Investigation Hall.
Stories of 30 cases since 1949 are told in Chinese, with photos of body parts:
"German dogs:"
Death by scissors?
Police Security Hall.
Catalog of population cards used before 1949:
Vice Squad - Drugs:
Vice Squad - Gambling:
Vice Squad - Prostitution:
Confiscated weapons:
Traffic Hall:
Restored traffic officer motorcycle:
Prison Hall.
Leg irons:
Hand cuffs:
Prison cell and uniform:
On the 4th Floor, Firefighting Hall.
Bronze helmets:
Fire extinguishers:
Police Equipment Hall.
Guns used by Sun Yatsen:
Guns in disguise:
Uniforms through the ages:
On the 5th Floor, Security during the Shanghai Expo 2010:
Lunch at Malone's American Cafe:
With Chinese and French people.

Sunday, July 10, 2011
We were told we had to see a WalMart:
There are 10 WalMart Supercenters in Shanghai.
What can we say?!
Electric motor scooters:
(Should be sold in the U.S.!)
Bulk frozen lima beans and corn:
Bulk ground meat (unwrapped):
Bulk dried fishies:
Bulk seaweed:
Fresh eels:
Promotions with girls in uniform:
Lunch at Tete a Tete Cafe:
Assorted veggies lunch set:
Kent's soup with meat on a joint:
Pork ribs and rice in clay pot lunch set:

Shanghai Circus World has performances of the Happy Circus on weekends:
Every evening there is a performance of "Era: Intersection in Time," a Chinese acrobatic show:
We attended the Era performance this evening, which was fantastic and at times heart-stopping, with Brynne's friend Gloria. Since photography is not allowed, I will refer you to the official teaser for the Era Shanghai Show:

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