Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hong Kong: Cheung Chau (11/13/2011)

Sunday, November 13, 2011 (continued)
We went to the Central Piers to board the fast ferry to Cheung Lau/Long Island.
The Central Pier Clock Tower:
Built in 2006 in mock-Edwardian style.
First Ferry III interior (it can seat 408):
The first thing you see when you land on the island:
Praya Road lined with banyan trees:
Bauhinia blossoms:
The Cheung Chau harbour:
Restaurants show their seafood and beverage offerings:
Al fresco dining:
It must have been special needs day on Cheung Chau.
Literally getting us a table:
After a great lunch with clams and prawns, we explored a bit of the island.
Basketball courts in front of the temple:
Pak Tai Temple:
Originally built in 1783, rebuilt in 1989.
Temple incense burner:
Guardian lion:
Ceramic mural detail:
Many of these seaside apartments are rented during the holidays and summer:
The beach side of the island:
We wondered what that pair wearing all white in the boat were doing. Since it looks like an inflatable raft, they may have just been protecting themselves from the sun and having fun.
LOTS of sea glass:
Tung Wan Beach:
The swimming area is protected by a shark net fence.
Man repairing his boat: 
Beach tree:
Rock Carving:
Discovered in 1970, thought to be 3,000 years old.
This way to the Windsurfing Centre:
Lee Lai Shan, a windsurfer whose relative owns this center, won Hong Kong's first and last Olympic gold medal in 1996.
A hidden courtyard:
Ken purchases a treat from a bakery:
Dried citrus peels on a string:
Buffalo wings!
Dried seafood vendor:
Shopping street:
Dried fish:
A houseboat/fishing boat: 
Junques at the public pier:
I saw these little boats pivot in place!
Shrimp boats?
First Ferry pier and the ICC Tower in the background:
A better view of the HSBC Building:
Built 1978-1985 and designed by British architect Lord Norman Foster. It is made with 5 pre-fabricated modules, and rumor has it that in case things didn't go well with the handover of Hong Kong to China, that the building could be dismantled and moved.
Jardine House:
Built in 1972, the round windows have given the building the nickname of the "House of a Thousand Arseholes."
Apple's new Hong Kong Headquarters in the IFC complex:
After tea at Ken & Jennifer's apartment, we went to the Temple Street Night Market.
Oodles of bracelets:
Um, he was polishing something gold and shiny:
Shopping and eating!
For dinner we returned to the Lan Kwai Fong area to Paisano's for some great pizza: 
Two-foot or more in diameter!
The Central Plaza Tower clock:
With one red band and three green bands, the time is 11:15 pm.
Night view from our hotel room:

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