Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sinan Mansions & Liuli China Museum (12/11/2011)

Sunday, December 11, 2011
A cold day, but if properly bundled up, it was a nice day for a walk. After purchasing an indoor-outdoor thermometer, we headed to the north end of Sinan Lu/Road.
We were sidetracked by a sign leading us to the Site of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League:
It was closed.
First on Sinan Road was lunch at the Brick Restaurant & Wine Lounge. We could have been in New Orleans. Look at this soup serving arrangement: 
There are many western-style villas on Sinan. Here I am trying to get a photo of one!
Here's one:
These villas have a bit of property and thus they have small gardens.
A winterized sago palm:
Around the corner on Fuxing Road:
A back door of Sinan Mansions:
Sinan Mansions is a renovated area of French Concession villas that date back to 1920. These were the homes of the dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals, and renowned artists. Now it is filled with trendy restaurants and shops.
The Johnnie Walker statue is 8898 kilometers from Cardhu, Scotland:
A garden on the wall: 
Another villa:
The Massanet Hotel:
A cake in the window of La Brioche:
Strange blue wall cladding:
The beginning of Sinan Mansions:
Continuing along Sinan Lu, we passed the entrance to Fuxing Park, and the former residences of Sun Yat-sen and Zhou Enlai. Sinan Lu ended at Taikang Lu/Road.
We decided to go to the Glass Museum, properly called Liuli China Museum.
These ducks are made of glass:
The museum was co-founded by Loretta Hui-shan Yang who left a successful acting career to learn about and practice glass-making, using a casting process or pate-de-verre technique. The Chinese word for the end product is liuli.
Healing Hand:
A colorful liuli box by Kyohei Fujita:
A piece from an earlier generation, Emile Galle:
Work called Spotted Messenger (?) by Eric Hilton:
Amazing piece, a Messager, by Yan Zoritchak:
Colorful items by Dante Marioni:
Cityscape by Jay Musler:
The following are all by Loretta Hui-shan Yang:
Springtime Dance:
The Healing Buddha:
Peach Blossom:
Golden Jade Joy:
Peony Grandeur:
Part of the Formless Exhibit:
Guanyin of a Thousand Arms and Eyes:
Even the restrooms had glass art:
We also walked through Tianzifang, a maze of alleys with shops and restaurants.
A boat modeler's workshop: 

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