Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shanghai Museum of Arts & Crafts (3/25/2012)

Sunday, March 25, 2012
Another nice spring day!
Greek Taverna Milos:
There are always brides being photographed here!
We enjoyed lunch on the "taratsa:"
When you receive your bill for a restaurant meal, there is a magnetic flap for coins:
Our destination today was 79 Fenyang Road:
A garden villa built in 1905 in late French Renaissance-style, now houses the Shanghai Museum of Arts & Crafts, displaying "the development of the city's industry through its workers' skills."
Jade carving:
There was also a jade carvers' studio, but no one at work today. Other artisan work areas, but few artisans around.
Carved ivory:
Gold sculpture:
Boxwood carving:
Antique items their own ID cards with photo and number:
Carved teapot:
Bamboo carving:
Inkstone carving:
The pink room:
The villa's stairwell:
The shower in the villa bathroom:
The bathroom:
Amazingly, the bathroom's stained glass windows:
Gu Embroidery:
Very fine silk thread embroidery on sheer silk where the design can be seen on both sides.
Opera costumes:
An example of knitting:
Dough panda figures:
Aw, one's missing an ear...
Antique dough figures:
An artist's palette:
Gauze lantern:
Sculpture made from gauze:
Plenty of shopping opportunities as well.
Out in the garden, Kent tries an illusion with a Taihu rock:
This is the Taihu rock:
Is this art?
Ivy growing through the wheel:

On Taiyuan Road, a "meter maid" is responsible for collecting parking fees for the block:
A "meter maid" at work:
A peek into a kindergarten:
Sinks with photos of handwashing: 
Kindergarten mailbox: 

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