Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Walk in the French Concession, I mean, Xuhui (3/14/2012)

As I mentioned before, the authorities are cracking down on the use of the term "French Concession" for the area that was formerly the French Concession of Shanghai. China is now an independent Republic, and any reference to when they were under colonialist control is not appreciated and tarnishes national pride. The area is correctly called Xuhui.
Although I have been using Pinyin (the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into latin script) to spell Chinese words, I have not clarified pronunciation. Pinyin is a bit difficult, because the pronunciation is not what you would think when looking at the letters; it is not English phonetics. If I were to write Xuhui phonetically, it would look like "shoo-hway." The "sh" is a wet sound behind the front teeth, and the "h" sound has a lot of air behind it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Kent was anxious to try the new Shanghai Brewery:
Excellent beers! The girl who waited on us, called Kent "sir" and me "lady."
Across the street, the gatehouse had a spiral cement staircase:
We walked home taking a bit of a detour.
This school on Wulumuqi Lu had interesting architecture:
We often see these groups of people with cameras taking photos of a girl or girls posing:
A camera club?

Monday, March 12, 2012
It's difficult to get a photo of the fashions. Here you can see that the puffy down coats and jackets are popular, especially with fur-lined hoods:
Lots of leggings and UGG-type boots.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Today was truly a spring day! Sunny and I only needed to wear a sweatshirt! Time for a walk.
The new shopping center next to our apartment building has a chocolate store!
Boy, was I disappointed to find out they only sell Chocoolate clothing. Their latest offerings are Wallace & Gromit-logo clothing.
Because of the new shopping center, they have refurbished the dolphin fountain:
Not quite Miami NFL colors.
You don't need much space to have a shop:
I think this is a shoe repair shop, but seems to sell other miscellaneous stuff.
The recycler guys take a break to watch a card game:
A quaint shop on Wukang Lu:
Called My Landiao, they sell ethnic Miao items.
The former National Academy of Peiping:
Built in 1926 in Baroque-style, this garden villa housed the Institute of Radium and the Institute of Medicine.
The residence of the Italian Consulate General:
Built in 1932 in Mediterranean-style and designed by Credit Foncier Co.
Turning the corner at Tai'an Lu, laundry on the street:
Ths shop is on Xingguo Lu:
A peek in the window of the above shop:
Lots of bunny ears.
I had seen this sculpture at the corner of Xingguo and Hunan Lus:
This time I walked through the corner park to see the other sculptures:
This mondo grass is really moundy! 
The gazebo in the park:
The arbor in the park:
Walking down Gaoyou Lu, saw this mailbox:
A tobacco/cigarette shop/walk-by window:
Took a scenic detour through Huashan Park.
Winter-protected palms/cycads:
Note stone base under the equipment.
Hmm, what's going on?
A game of Xiangqi/elephant chess/Chinese chess:
From behind, this sculpture looks like some kind of bird:
These people stepped over the fencing to create a dog park:
The dogs did not respect the boundaries.
The requisite waterway, with reflection:
A feral cat:
These people stepped over the fencing to create a toddler's park:
There appeared to be many ayis/nannies with western children.
Nice jump shot?
Floral design with pansies and ornamental kale:
Oh, from the front, the sculpture is of two heads!
Another block to the Huashan Children's Park:
And, of course, a playground:

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