Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shanghai Treasure Hunt 3 (6/12/2012)

It's still Tuesday, June 12, 2012
I have time to do another Treasure Hunt. Metro Line 8 took me to the start of the next Treasure Hunt called "Get a Taste of History in the Old Town."
Take exit 2 from the Dashijie station and turn right on on Jinling Lu, then turn left on Xizang Nan Lu. Here at the corner is a KTV:
These are all over Shanghai, and are karaoke bars.
This area is our old neighborhood when we first arrived in Shanghai. Here is our Bank of China branch, where we have to return to do any in-bank business:
On the corner of Huaihai Lu, there is the Brightness Middle School behind some basketball courts, surrounded by a fence covered with greenery:
The school was built in 1913 for students of a French-Chinese school. We were to count the stars above the school's name (4 small and one large).
Our first apartment was at Fraser Residence:
Continuing on Xizang Nan Lu, I was able to resist the frozen yogurt at Yo.Ba:
Turn left on Shouning Lu. It is crayfish season:
We were to find out the cost of one jin (500 g.) at the Xingbadao shop at No. 51.
There are handwritten prices next to a list in Chinese characters; which one was the crayfish? Fortunately I know enough Mandarin to ask how much one jin costs while I point at the crayfish (38 RMB).
Shucking oysters:
No one selling sugar cane juice today.
Cross Renmin Lu and to the left you will see the remains of the Old City wall:
To the right on Dajing Lu is the entrance to the Dajing Temple:
Built in 1573-1629, this is Shanghai's last remaining Zhengyi sect Taoist temple out of the original eight temples. We were to note the "colour" of the flag on the temple's flagpole (red).
When leaving the temple, turn left/south on Renmin Lu. Turn right on Fangbang Lu through an impromptu market:
Mystery fruit:
Cross the street at the T-junction with Xizang Nan Lu and turn right. You will reach the faded red arch at Liuhekou Lu:
This is the entrance to the Dongtai Lu Antiques Market.
We were to find the number (2208) on a black padlock at the first stall on the left:
Some "antiques:"
Some Mao memorabilia:
Turn right on Dongtai Lu and stop in at No. 11:
At the tea shop, we were to find out which is more expensive, jasmine tea or white tea (white tea):
Turn left coming out of the tea shop and follow Dongtai Lu to Zizhong Lu.
A jumble of antiques:
Acupuncture points?
Turn right on Zizhong Lu and you will pass the Taipingqiao Park Lake:
Remember that this is the largest artificial lake in Shanghai and there is a parking garage beneath it.
It is suggested you continue to Madang Lu, turn left to Fuxing Lu and follow signs to Metro Line 10 Xintiandi station. Instead, I turned right at Huangpi Lu to Huaihai Lu to the Huangpi station of Metro Line 1.
On Huangpi, these bikes looked like they were lined up by someone with OCD, but the parallax of the camera distorts the pattern:

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