Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shanghai Treasure Hunt 4 (6/13/2012)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Today the Treasure Hunt is called "Discover Korea Town in Gubei."
Starting at Ziteng Lu station of Metro Line 10, you take exit 1 and turn left on Ziteng Lu. At that corner was a replica of an old wooden boat in front of a hotel:
At No. 222 Ziteng Lu is the wood-clad Korean family restaurant:
Recommended for Korean barbecue and bibimbap (signature Korean dish of rice mixed with vegetables and additional egg or meats).
No. 232, the Korean convenience market:
Recommended for frozen desserts such as "melon-flavoured ice lollies." (The Time Out Shanghai magazine is obviously written by the British!)
Men delivering large bags of white powder:
No. 248, a Korean seafood restaurant:
No. 245, Crystal Palace Health Leisure Club:
We were to determine what was in the windows of the Crystal Palace aside from vases. The vases were pretty dusty:
There was an old clock in one window:
Continue along Ziteng Lu and turn right on Qingshan Lu.
I heard firecrackers going off to the left on Qingshan, and went to have a look. I was in time to see the last rocket being lit:
A brilliant flash and pow!
These are what take off fingers!
Right on Qingshan Lu, you are to pass "rows of pet hospitals and nail bars." Somehow I missed them all.
At the corner of Hongjing Lu is the Korean supermarket, Food the Right Way:
They must have been sold out of tins of silk pupae snacks and the flower-shaped honey cookies called yakgwa. Plenty of bags of kimchi though:
The directions say to leave the store, turn right and cross the street, then continue north on Hongjing Lu. Since you exit the store at the corner, this could be confusing. The key is to go north on Hongjing Lu and be on the right side of the street.
Pass several residential areas of mostly 6-story buildings:
Supposedly no elevators are required in buildings up to six stories tall.
Fancy apartment name sign:
Someone staked out a garden:
After crossing Hongsong Lu, No. 638 Hongjing Lu, Korean homeware shop of Jing Hang:
They sell kitchenware, traditional Korean hanbok dresses, and hair accessories!
We were to figure out the name of the brand of rice cooker (Cuckoo) advertised above the Jing Hang shop:
Next is the large sign/arch of the entrance to the Hongqiao Flower and Bird Market:
Stall A1 for bonsai-style potted trees:
Stall A3 for orchids:
Stall A21 for friendly service:
Go out the back to the next building of the pet market, following signs to the "Aquaria."
Bearded dragons for sale:
At Stall D31-33, we were to find the price of the most expensive fishing net (80 RMB):
At Stall D21, you can net your own koi carp:
Leave the market at Stall D21 and turn right.
Looking across the creek from the market:
The back exit of the market puts you on Jinhui Lu. Turn right and start walking. At least it was shady along this street.
Find Jun's at No. 469A:
This is both a restaurant and a fashion store with imports from Thailand and Korea.
We were to determine the sort of meat in the set meal pictured outside that includes rice balls:
This was the only meal that looked like it might have rice balls (with greens in them), and as for the meat, I can only guess it is chicken because of the sauce dish...
As I continued down Jinhui Lu, I noticed a lot of Westerners. A bunch were gathered outside of No. 461:
Why, it's another fake market!
I wandered through, and found a nail salon:
Since I had missed the nail bars on Qingshan Lu, I stopped here for a pedicure:
Boiled water from a thermos in a plastic bag in a plastic container to soak my feet. Then a trim and cuticle cutting. Finally the polish. I had a choice of 55 RMB colors or 110 RMB colors. I chose the 55 RMB color!
Continue along Jinhui Lu, crossing Wuzhen Lu. Through the park on the right you will see the Hot Rock 99 karaoke bar.
Farther along at the corner of Hongquan Lu, you see the New Star bathhouse at No. 258:
Across Jinhui Lu from New Star is the Korean supermarket of 1004 Mart:
We were to see what is advertised on the banner above the market (natural and organic fruit and vegetables).
No. 225 Jinhui Lu, Zheng Yi Pin Korean Restaurant:
For hearty barbecue.
Continuing along Jinhui Lu, I saw this motor scooter:
in front of MAAN Coffee Waffle & Toast:
Apparently a Korean cafe.
Jinhui Lu becomes Longming Lu. You cross a canal:
The building over the canal looks like Thames Town...
Soon you come to Yishan Lu. Take a left and follow the road until you see the Metro Line 9 Hechuan Lu station.

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