Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gongqing Forest Park (7/15/2012)

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Today there was a Cheese Cook-off at Sinan Mansions. A cheese cook-off in that they were preparing grilled cheese sandwiches. A maximum of 10 professionals and 10 amateurs were competing in three categories: Variations on a Classic, Anything Goes, and Taste of Asia.
This was mostly an expat event:
For 80 RMB/$12.50, one received a free Gold Cider or Perrier water and 5 quarters of grilled cheese sandwiches. To maximize our tasting samples, we shared the quarters to get 10 different types of sandwiches. There were actually only 9 entries and we didn't bother trying one of them. So we each got an extra of our favorite.

Sunday, July 15, 2012
After a terrific rainstorm yesterday afternoon, it was relatively cooler and less humid today. Relatively.
We decided to go to Gongqing Forest Park, a shady respite from the city. Of course, we had to walk a few kilometers to get there. (Take Metro Line 8 to Nenjiang Road station, walk south on Zhongyuan Road, turn left on Minxing Road to get across the railroad tracks, then turn left on Jungong Road. When you reach Nenjiang Lu, you should see the entrance just few steps down Nenjiang Road.)
Passed a corner with several signboards posted in the street, with people sitting by them:
Some laundry and a man in PJs:
Kite vendors at the entrance to Gongqing Forest Park:
A man selling hammocks:
Some appeared to be made from lanyards with company logos.
A "Cicerone" of the park:
A cicerone is an archaic word for "guide."
The forest was indeed full of trees:
With wide paved pathways:
Plenty of cool activities with a roller skating rink and a "carding car"/go-kart track:
A roller coaster:
A Wild Mouse ride:
This waterway could use an aerator:
The park train ride:
Uh, oh, don't fly kites near the utility wires!
Not to worry as it seemed everyone was tangled up in the string:
Holiday Village:
For a fee, you can stay overnight:
Colocasia sp./Elephant Ears:
I am referring to the plant, you know!
Holiday Village playhouse:
There is even horseback riding:
Girls wearing dresses, high heels, etc. still got to ride:
There is a large bar to hold onto in front of the saddle.
The boys in blue stopped lounging when the horses came into view:
They assisted people on and off the horses:
Alley oop!
The specious lawn or the spacious lawn?
The "Pirate Warships:"
The person in front mans the gun (laser?). When he hits the buoy, a spray of water shoots up:
A family all dressed alike:
Cedrus deodora/Cedar Hill:
Graphium sarpedon/Blue Triangle Butterfly:
Cedar Waterfall is dry today:
Looking down the waterfall:
Cedar Hill:
A small butterfly:
A missile?
Net fisherman:
Lagerstroemia indica/Crape Myrtles:
Wind & Rain Bridge:
Tree burls:
Kent at the panoramic view of Huangpu River:
A panorama:
At least they didn't say "scenic" view!
A bridal couple in non-traditional colors:
The cicadas were very noisy:
Bamboo Forest:
Bamboo Forest lake:
Here, the water aerator is at work:
Out on Jungong Road, a giant tire and a mini-Hummer:
It looks like rain again; time to head home.

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