Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guilin 2 Li River Cruise (7/28/2012)

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Woke up to a very misty day, as seen from our hotel room:
We were picked up by our guide and driver at 8:30, and driven 40 minutes south of Guilin to catch the Lijiang/Li River cruise. The cruise skipped the first quarter of the scenic area of the waterway, the part with "construction" (as in buildings) according to Lele, the guide. However, the Chinese seem able to get cruises from the city itself... The Li River is 271 miles long, and the scenic part is 52 miles long.
At the Zhujiang Wharf, the tiny pink blobs were pointed out on the wall above the water line:
River snail eggs:
We boarded across the fore ends of the tourist boats:
A smaller tour boat passes Zhujiang Wharf:
We joined the parade of tour boats heading down the Li River:
The area is known for picturesque limestone formations called karsts.
An elderly woman prepares to do her laundry:
In the protected areas along the river, large flocks/braces of domestic ducks gathered. You probably can't see them in the photo below near the sheer limestone cliff:
Lined up waiting for the local ferry:
Bianfushan/Bat Hill:
Bubalus bubalis/Water Buffalo:
They are all domesticated:
A fishmonger boat:
Tying up to our boat:
We're having fresh fish for lunch!
Sort of looks like a tortoise shell:
Erosion at the water line:
Plants take hold any where they can:
Limestone stalactites:
Homo sapiens interrupted while birding:
Wangfu/Woman Yearning for the Return of her Husband (with a baby on her back):
Waterfall in a cave:
Kent photographing a waterfall:
The waterfall:
A row of Phalacrocorax carbo/cormorants used for fishing:
A fisherman on a bamboo raft:
Very local tour boats:
Our tour boat had customers of one particular tour company, so did not include mainland Chinese. But there were Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese, as well as Portuguese, German, French, and a couple Americans.
Crown Cave entrance:
Crown Cave is in Crown Hill:
The river had many twists and turns:
Look at the lighter portions of this cliff to see the (Headless) Man on the Donkey:
Dwarfed by the cliffs:
Irregular limestone peaks:
A sideways profile - "Open wide!"
The brown spots are water buffalo.
Checking out the kitchen of the boat ahead of us:
Our guide said, "If you want to enjoy lunch, do not look in the kitchen."
Blue skies:
What would you name this formation?
I was thinking "Foaming Stein of Beer" but Kent had other ideas.
Cat Hill (two perky ears) and Paintbrush Hill:
Tamiko under the paintbrush or writing brush:
Uh, oh, landslide!
See how huge that chunk of rock is next to the boat?
Another local ferry:
There are no bridges across this river for 52 miles.
I think this is Bian Bian Du/Half Side Ferry where someone walking along the edge of the water would have to take a ferry to get around this rock:
One guide was pointing out the coloration and calling it "Yellow Carp."
Beach Party!
Weekend sailors:
Guanyin/Goddess of Mercy Hill:
When you have seen enough Guanyins, you recognize her pointy head/hairstyle.
Tamiko & Kent:
This photo is of Pingguoshan/Apple Hill, straight ahead:
But look at all the local tour boats that have joined the parade! They don't have to stick to the deeper channel.
Many, many peaks:
Huashan/Mural Hill is said to look like a painting with nine horses:
If you can see all nine horses, you are a Number One Scholar! (One reference said you can only see the ninth horse by looking from above the hill...)
A good picture of the very tall Bambusa eutuldoides/Phoenix Tail Bamboo:
And now the famous scene from the back of the 20 RMB bill:
Here it is in panorama:
The difference is that on the bill there is a lone fisherman instead of lots of tourist boats.
Snail Hill:
Five Fingers Hill:
Webbed fingers, I guess.
Lunch buffet:
Offering snake wine:
Yep, it's a real big snake!
Kent said it tasted like vodka:
It did not help cure his shoulder pain as "promised."
Hillside farm:
Water buffalo family:
Kids in the river:
Tamiko poses as a cormorant fisherman:
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