Sunday, September 9, 2012

Singapore Jurong Bird Park (9/9/2012)

Saturday, September 8, 2012
Today we flew to Singapore. Kent had business meetings to go to during the week, but we went a couple days early to do sightseeing.
Arrived late in the afternoon, used our Metro passes to get to the hotel, and checked in. We had a little time before joining Kent's colleagues for dinner.
Wandered through the Millenia Walk, a mall of shops and restaurants:
Behind Millenia Walk stand the Centennial and Millenia Towers:
Completed in 1997 and 1996 respectively.
We went to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to see the Chihuly Lounge, which has some Chihuly blown glass art on the back wall in yellow:
By for The Ritz-Carlton,
Similar pieces in green are in the hotel's Greenhouse Lounge.
We met for drinks and dinner at CHIJMES, the former Convent of the Holy Infant of Jesus, which is now an entertainment complex. The former chapel:
Completed in 1904, last Mass said in 1983. Now used as a wedding venue.
The former Caldwell House:
Designed by George Drumgoole Coleman and built in 1840-41 for the Caldwell family. It was purchased for the convent in 1854.
Kent in the breezeway between the Caldwell House and the chapel:
Tiled floor:

Sunday, September 9, 2012
View from the hotel towards the Singapore Flyer:
This morning we headed to the Jurong Bird Park, like a zoo, but with only birds! We ended up on the MRT East-West Line, getting off at Boo Lay. Through a shopping center, we found the bus interchange, and queued for Bus #194, which took us straight to the Bird Park.
The entrance was filled with orchids:
Penguin Coast:
Phalacrocoracidae sp./Cormorants:
Oh! There are the penguins!
Probably a Spheniscus demersus/African Penguin:
Underwater swimmers:
Macaw Island:
World of Darkness; a Bubo bubo/Eurasian Eagle Owl:
In the amphitheater, the Birds and Buddies Show, with Phoenicopterus roseus/Greater Flamingos:
Buceros bicornis/Great Hornbill:
The Great Hornbill flies down to the stage:
A Cacatua galerita/Sulphur-crested Cockatoo takes $10 from a volunteer:
Heliconia Walk; Costus spicatus:
Philodendron hybrid "Prince of Orange:"
Curcuma sp.:
Passiflora manicata/Red Passion Flower:
Royal Ramble; Goura cristata/Western Crowned Pigeon:
Hornbill Chit-chat with an Anthracoceros albirostris/Oriental Pied Hornbill:
Lory Loft was a huge aviary; a Trichoglossus haematodus/Rainbow Lorikeet:
Lorius chlorocercus/Yellow-bibbed Lory:
Am I really having fun?
This boy knew to hold onto his cup tightly:
The Eclectus roratus/Eclectic Parrot snagged its own cup:
A tree covered with epiphytes/air plants:
Birds of Prey; Kent with a huge Haliaeetus pelagicus/Stellar Sea Eagle:
Jungle Jewels; Aix sponsa/Wood Duck:
Deroptyus accipitrinus/Red Fan Parrots:
Bird Discovery Centre; with eggs galore:
The Waterfall Aviary, with Kent:
Aerial roots reaching into the water:
Numida meleagris/Helmeted Guineafowl:
Pelican Cove:
Trees with yellow bark?
A yellow moss?
Now green trunks:
And a green moss?
Remnants of a monorail system:
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis/Saddle-billed Stork:
Breeding and Research Centre, very young Ara ararauna/Blue-and-yellow Macaw:
Flamingo Pool with Phoenicopterus ruber/American Flamingos:
We had our lunch at the Bird Park, then headed off to the Gardens by the Bay.

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