Saturday, October 20, 2012

Huangshan PM (10/20/2012)

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Continued from Huangshan AM.
Jerry saw us wandering around and said we could start earlier than the planned 2:30 meeting time. So we set off on the West Sea (of Clouds) hike.
The King of Pines:
The Unity Pine:
New addition at Xihai Hotel:
Overflow accommodations at the Paiyun Hotel:
Pup tents on three levels!
In the middle is the Immortal Solarize Boot (or Upside Down Boot):
Looking straight down:
Cliff side walkway:
The Stone Column (needs straightening):
Rocks that form a standing couple:
A water reservoir in case of fire:
They put koi in this reservoir for our "fun."
Ridges have pine ruffles:
Kent after photographing the ridges:
A line of pines marching up the mountain side:
A Chinese bridge:
 On the far peaks, a TV tower and a meteorological station:
The Flying Over Rock (vertical stone):
There is a great legend about the Flying Over Rick that Jerry told us, but somehow that story flew out of my head!
Low clearance:
Steeep steps:
A mouse?
Leaning or Bowing Pine:
Tamiko & Kent:
Kent descending into the crevice:
Another view of the Flying Over Rock:
Can you see the people at the base of the Flying Over Rock (below)?
Pines clinging to the cliff:
Squeezing by:
The Bamboo Shoot:
Pine growing out of the rock:
It's hard to see the depth here, enough to make your knees weak:
Brave girl:
Kent stands suspended:
Back at the hotel, we were on our own again.
Someone was carried up the mountain in a sedan chair:
Looking for autumn color:
The Pen Rack:
Group photo:
A local Huangshan Beer:
Sun setting:
Overflow accommodations at the Beihai Hotel:
We had dinner at the neighboring Shilin Hotel, in order to get a different variety of buffet food.

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