Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cool Docks, The Bund (10/28/2012)

Sunday, October 28, 2012
We were to meet Colin & Sharon for lunch at Rico Rico at Wharf 1846.
They were preparing for a movie shoot:
A misty look at the tallest buildings in Pudong across the river:
We ended up at Cool Docks to eat at Mythos on the rooftop.
It was 'Visit Finland Day' at Cool Docks:
Chinese-Finnish elves hand out freebies:
One of the freebies was Angry Bird candies by Fazer. Who knew the Angry Birds video game was developed by a Finnish company called Rovio Entertainment?
Who knew that Santa Claus lived in Lapland in Finland?
For once, the Cool Docks water fountains were operating:
Afterwards, we walked up Zhongshan East Second Road to the Bund.
The Shiliupu Building with the Bank of Communications (2000):
Yeah! Shanghai Hot Marketing Cooperate:
A closer look at the Jin Mao Tower (now second tallest in Shanghai), the Shanghai Tower (soon to be the tallest), and the Shanghai World Financial Center (now the tallest in Shanghai):
Street sweeper:
Dog grooming:
No. 22 Zhongshan East Second Road, the former Butterfield & Swire Building:
Built in 1906 in eclectic-style and designed by Davies, Brooke and Gran Architects.
No. 2 on the Bund, the former Shanghai Club, now the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, detail:
We could not go into the Long Bar on the lobby floor at this time.
The Bund:
Yes, those are poinsettas in the flower boxes:
What is he taking pictures of?
No. 12, the former HSBC Building, now the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Tamiko rubs the lion's paw for good fortune:
The mosaic murals and ceiling inside:
A photo shoot:
No 13, the Customs House:
One cannot take photos of the marine ceiling mosaics inside.
No. 17, the former North China Daily News Building:
Showing relief carvings of a variety of subjects.
The promenade's flower wall:
No. 20, the Peace Hotel's Jazz Bar:
Ready for a photo shoot!
Around the corner and behind the Peninsula Hotel, was the former residence of the British Consul:
Completed in 1884, it is in English Renaissance-style. I think it is part of the facilities of the Peninsula Hotel that is now housed in the former British Consulate.
Crossing the Waibadu Bridge, is this a wedding couple?
Closer to home at Grand Gateway, a young man touts a restaurant by wearing a pocket-size LED running message display:

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