Friday, December 7, 2012

Muslim Market (12/7/2012)

Friday, December 7, 2012
The Shanghai Muslim Market happens only on Fridays, before the final call to prayers at the mosque.
The street in front of the mosque is lined with vendors.
Stones and jewelry:
Desserts including a local variation of baklava (on the left):
A butcher:
Where'd he go?! His axe is still there:
Nice apron!
Huxi Mosque:
The market is known for the smoke (cooking kebabs):
Walnuts, shelled and in the shell:
Whatever this is, it smelled great! But the guy chopped both the (spice-rubbed) chickens and mutton with the bones in them:
Rice pilaf:
Muslim Diner:
Baking oven:
Baked lamb dumplings?
Fresh mutton:
Sheep feet and guts:
After-school snack:
There were several tiger pelts (but they seem too dark):
What kind of animal was this?
Checking for the label...:
A long-tailed bear pelt:
Many of the furs are rumored to be from dogs:

Animal horns and a tiger paw:
Pale lavender skull caps are the style this year:
More baked goods:
A nice headscarf:
In the neighborhood on Wuning Road, a building with drying laundry, a shed on the balcony, and cellular transmitters:

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