Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cu Chi Tunnels (1/1/2013)

Still Tuesday, January 1, 2013
After lunch, a few of us were picked up by another Viking guide in a van, for an optional tour of the Củ Chi Tunnels. These are located 40 km/24 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The network of tunnels was constructed by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.
A hinged trap door:
Unsuspecting, if you stepped on this door, you would fall in a hole lined with sharpened bamboo sticks, often with the points poisoned:
A B52 bomb crater:
Sam pops out of a tunnel access:
Not much room:
This is a tunnel access with more room:
Above ground were a series of trenches:
Some access points were hidden by plants:
The dirt from the tunnels created fake termite hills, which were used to hide the air vents:
An American M41 tank:
The Viet Cong made their own uniforms (simple black cotton trousers and long-sleeved shirt):
They made sandals from old tires:
Tamiko in a tunnel:
Here comes Kent:
The smoke from the kitchens was diverted a long way from the kitchen itself, and it then stayed near the ground like fog:
Driving back to Ho Chi Minh City, we were able to get some photos of the motor scooter traffic:
This guy is carrying a metal stool:
The family scooter:
The number of motor scooters (or really motorbikes) is reportedly half that of the population in the city:

The kids are blasé about the motor scooter rides:

Back at the hotel, the Christmas tree is lighted up:
After a fine dinner at the Ly Club, we went for a walk to see the holiday lights:
The globe is sponsored by Burger King and Domino's Pizza:
Notre Dame Cathedral:
The square in front of Notre Dame is a popular gathering point:
However, any groups of 10 people or more will be broken up...
Happy New Year:
Conical hat decorations:
One, two... eight. Oh, okay:
The cotton candy man:
Tomorrow, Ho Chi Minh City 2 Tour.


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