Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cu Lao Gien (12/30/2012)

Still Sunday, December 30, 2012
After lunch we had a few hours of cruising. Passed brick factories:
Boys swimming:
Children waving:
A ferry with motorbikes:
Bridge construction pile driver:
At 16:30 we stopped for a shore excursion, being transferred in a water motorcoach:
We would be going to church after all this Sunday. Cu Lao Gien is an island in the Mekong with a former convent established in 1875 by the French nuns of Saint Paul de Chartres. The majority of inhabitants are Catholic.
Someone's nativity scene:
Market poultry:
Foosball tables:
The parish church (completed 1889, renovated in 2003):
Oh, they turned on the lights!
The church's nativity scene in a boat:
The cemetery:
Altar servers prepare for Mass:
Another nativity scene:
This young man held his rooster so that it would not attack us as we walked by:
Bathing is done in the waterways:
Instead of pictures of Ho Chi Minh?
Men on a Sunday afternoon:
At last, a Vietnamese nail salon:
Artocarpus heterophyllus/Jackfruit Tree:
This is great! (Great)Grandpa in a hammock while rocking the baby in a hammock:
Yard decorations:
Basket weaving, but using longer-wearing plastic:
"Monkey" bridge:
Averrhoa carambola/Starfruit Tree:
Tamarindus indica/Tamarind Tree:
Rooster feeding:
Everyone is weaving baskets:
Heading back to the RV Indochina:
A demonstration of Khmer traditional dress:
Tomorrow, Sa Dec 1 Brick Factory.

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