Sunday, January 20, 2013

Qingpu Qushui Garden (1/20/2013)

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Being the first decent Sunday in a while, we went ahead with the outing planned with Colin and Sharon. Their driver, Tony, took us "very quickly" to Qingpu on Highway G50. Tony was the one to point out that the right lane was the emergency lane of the highway, but then said it was okay to use it for short distances (i.e., to pass on the right!), which he did often.
We were first dropped off at the Qushui Yuan/Zigzag Channel Garden, one of the five classical gardens of Shanghai (including YuYuan, GuyiYuan in Nanxiang, QiuxiaYuan in Jiading, and ZuibaichiYuan in Songjiang), and the final one on our list to visit.
Established in 1745, the garden is very well maintained.
Carved stone gate:
Moon Gate:
Taihu rock:
Peek at Lotus Pond:
Lotus Pond:
Two-story corridor:
Corridor windows and wood carving:
Bridge to the corridor:
Upper story of corridor:
Looking back to the bridge to the corridor:
Kent and Colin on the arched bridge of the koi pond:
The western wall was covered with stele on "blue stone:"
The koi pond:
Pebble-mosaic walkways:
Flower windows:
The zigzag bridge with Tamiko:
Kent thinking about stepping out on the Taihu rock:
Pondside pavilion:
Erhu and pipa musicians:
Kent on the beauty bench of the riverside corridor:
Part of the zigzag channel:
A refurbished stele?
An original stele?
Tai chi by the pool:
Kent at the vase door:
Wisteria arbor:
The rockery called the "Lesser Peak That Flew Here:"
Vine-covered bridge:
The outer corridor:
Tony picked us up, and laughed upon hearing our next destination.
Next, Qingpu Oriental Land.

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