Monday, December 31, 2012

Sa Dec 2 Market (12/31/2012)

Still Monday, December 31, 2012
Our water bus took us from the brick factory to the Sa Dec town market.
A fisherman on the riverside of the market stalls:
Produce going to market:
Chau Doc Market:
A lunch opportunity where we disembarked for the market:
Looong load:
They really wear coolie hats here:
White eggplants:
"Money" for sale:
To be burned for use of your ancestors.
This lady is pulling open a duck!
This one is trying to weigh a wiggling fish:
Colorful fabrics:
Curcuma longa/Turmeric rhizomes:
Probably ducks' blood:
Colocasia esculenta var./Taro tubers:
Tea preparation of Pandanus amaryllifolius/pandan leaves:
Happy vendor:
Blossoms for cooking; these are pumpkin flowers:
Banana "flowers:"
Big chicken feet:
Rice varieties:
Feather duster for the top of the bus:
Dried stuff:
Fluta alba/Asian Swamp Eels?:
River snails:
Winged beans:
Fish ball meat:
Snakes and turtles:
At the wholesale market, shallots:
Small watermelons:
Tamarind pods:
Rose apples:
Tiny truck:
From the movie and book "l'Amant," the author has a love affair with the son of the Chinese family living here:
Reception hall:
Doorway where you can push the wooden poles across the opening to bar entry, but allow ventilation:
Main hall:
Continuing down the street, dried beans and pasta:
Plastic goods:
Drying water coconut husks:
We returned to the RV Indochina for lunch, and to set sail for Cai Be.
Next, Cai Be.

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