Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shikumen House Museum (1/26/2013)

Saturday, January 26, 2013
After a hearty lunch at Abbey Road, we decided to take a walk, going from Fenyang Lu to Taiyuan, and then down Yongkang Lu.
Hungry lung's:
A quilted pajamas set?
We were looking for No. 35, but it was a storefront with the windows papered over. Kent just happened to turn around and see behind us was a sign for the Shikumen House Museum, at No. 35, Lane 38. And luckily for us, it was open only on Saturdays!
The door was not marked, so we yelled "Ni hao" and a gentleman came to invite us in:
An interesting story that can be read at the Shikumen House Museum link. A house that was lived in by four generations and simply opened up to the public.
Kent in the dining room:
Farmer's outfit due to a stint at a "labor camp:"
Handmade sandals:
Narrow depth steps, but steep:
The tian zi jian/room above the kitchen:
Several family members were painters:
Outside in the alley, some hanging meat:
And bird cages:

Our walk then took us down Jiashan Lu, with more hanging meats:

Pig's head:
Bacon and sausage:
More pig parts:
Card game:
Art deco facade is marred by wiring:
Cold legs:
Waterproofing is "good enough:"

The weather is unseasonably warm.

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