Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Suzhou Canglang Garden (1/29/2013)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
I don't know if I whined too much about not having completed all my "to do" lists, but Sharon offered the use of Tony to take us to Suzhou to see Canglang Pavilion Garden. The weather was mild, but smog limited visibility. We had a 90-minute drive to Suzhou, then spent some time finding the garden. Surprisingly there was little signage, but Tony spotted the side street.
Canglang Ting was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2000. One of the features of Canglang is that its main water attraction is on its outside of the garden. It is the oldest garden in Suzhou.
View back to entrance bridge:
Mian Shui Xuan/Pavilion Fronting the Water:
Outer corridor:
Looking back at Pavilion Fronting Water:
Guan Yu Chu/Fish Watching Place (no fish today):
Recitation Pavilion:
Smelling Prunus mume Pavilion:
View of the Prunus mume/flowering plum grove:
Painting in the pavilion:
Yellow bamboo:
Ming Dao Tang/Enlightenment Hall:
Slice of stone art:
Enlightenment Hall courtyard:
Eared vase gate:
Yaohua Jing Jie/Realm of Yaohua framed ceramics:
Of the reported 108 "flower" windows, four were named for seasons.
More conventional windows:
View from Kan Shan Lou/Mountain View Tower:
Cui Ling Long/Elegant Bamboo House:
Yin Xin Shi Wu/Mutual Affinity Stone Chamber:
Elegant Bamboo House view of bamboo:
Yang Zhi Ting/Reverence Pavilion:
Trying to photograph the portrait stele:
View of a moon gate and Mountain View Tower:
Wu Bai Ming Xian Ci/Temple of 500 Sages:
Stone carvings:
Old tree:
Qing Xiang Guan/Pure Fragrance House:
Grove of osmanthus trees:
Leaf window:
The Imperial Stele Pavilion:
Camellia tree:
Gourd gate:
Walking Along Winding Bank Corridor:
Ceramic dustbin:
Canglang Ting/Surging Wave Pavilion:
Stone flower bracket:
Vase gate:
"Whipped cream" gate:
Memorial stele:
Stele with graphic of the garden:
From the outside, the Prunus Mume Pavilion and Water Pavilion of Lotus Blossoms:
Gate across the street:
Being short on time, we headed back to Shanghai.
Again, thanks to Sharon, and Tony!

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SharonP said...

You didn't whine too much, Tamiko, but I did catch Kent's pained expression when you said you still wanted to go back to Suzhou before you left!