Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fallingwater (10/11/2014)

Saturday, October 11, 2014
It looked like it had been raining in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania when we arrived in the town of Donegal. After lunch at Out of the Fire Café, we headed to Ohiopyle State Park.
Bike trail on converted railroad trestle
Ohiopyle Falls
3-D information post with George Washington on a raft
Ohiopyle Falls from Visitor Center
Apparently kayakers purposely go over these falls
The Visitor Center's literal green roof
The Visitor Center's rain barrel (KSS)
Kent at rock outcrop near Meadow Run Slides
Meadow Run pothole
Meadow Run Slides
Cucumber Falls
We had a reservation for the 16:30 in-depth tour at Fallingwater (1936-1937), but arrived early to see the grounds.
At entrance to the Visitor Center
Pottsville sandstone and Bear Run (KSS)
"First view" of Fallingwater through the trees
Fallingwater from the View
Unfortunately the path to the Overlook was closed as part had been washed out by rains.
Fallingwater is perhaps the most famous house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and tours are quickly sold out. Be sure to book early online.
It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1996.
Normally taking photos inside Fallingwater is prohibited, but as we were on the in-depth tour, we were permitted to do so.
Unframed corner of a window
Black walnut cabinet merges
with Pottsville sandstone (KSS)
Glass merges with sandstone,
with horizontal steel frames (KSS)
Frank Lloyd Wright used the concept of "compression and release" to guide people in his buildings, usually with an entrance through a low dark narrow doorway leading to an bright open space.
From the entrance, moving clockwise around the living area...

"Study" area (KSS)
Behind the study are the suspended steps leading to a plunge pool below

"Formal" living area (KSS)
"Informal" living area
Built-in sofas hide the heating system (KSS)
Fireplace incorporates boulders
Frank Lloyd Wright designed fireplace cooking pot
Dining area (KSS)
The "counter" at the left is actually two folding tables
that can extend the dining room table (KSS)
Instead of having a view of the waterfalls,
the house sits above the waterfalls
The core of the house has three floors
Upstairs, there was a tiny guestroom in the process of being renovated. We were then compressed and released through the master bedroom out onto the terrace.
Since your focus is out the windows, you tend to miss
the built in cabinets in the back of the room;
the night stands are also built-in
The desk is built-in;
here is a Tiffany Lotus Leaf lamp (KSS)
An illusion of a large bathroom
The art collection of the original owners, the Kaufman family who owned the department store of the same name in Pittsburgh, is still in and around the house.
Le Fumeur/The Smoker (1964)
by Pablo Picasso, framed in white gold (KSS)
Horikiri No Hanashobu/Iris Garden at Horikiri
(1857) by Ando Hiroshige (KSS)
Sculpture of actress Rose McClendon
(1932) by Richmond Barthe (KSS)
Mardonio Magaña sculpture (1935) KSS
Guest house lamp (KSS)
Guest house pool
View down on Fallingwater (from the guest house)
with pea gravel and plants on the roof
The terrace lights are on
The tour lasted two hours and the sun had set. Drove back to Donegal for a pizza dinner and overnight at the Days Inn.
Tomorrow: Kentuck Knob.

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