Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween (10/30/2014)

Thursday, October 30, 2014
One of many Halloween events at Azalea Trace was Spooky Hollow. Tours were led along one of the trails in the haunted woods next to the retirement community.
First you had to check in:
A witch puts your name on the list
There were plenty of seats as you waited for the tours that departed every 10 minutes.
Waiting for a tour
There was even an activity where you had the opportunity to win a ghost ring.
Toss large washers in a tube
When your name was called, you followed a guide into the woods.
One of many guides
At the first stop, a ghost caught in a spider web offered candy:
If you reached in the candy bowl, a skeleton hand grabbed you
We sent the gentlemen ahead of us as we approached the Troll Toll:
Since we didn't know the password, we each had to answer a question
to receive a token to cross the bridge
Those who didn't answer a question were "penalized"
by having to walk like Frankenstein as they crossed the brdge
Next up, skeletons:
These skeletons recited a poem about "Bones, bones..."
The Pumpkin Patch:
This pair of pumpkins recited the list of indignities they have to suffer
This witch and her black cat were the hit of the afternoon:
Realistic cackling as we were warned about the cat
Scary witch!
We turned in our bridge tokens for a refreshment:
We were served a delicious witch's brew
An admirable bit of entertainment for young and old!

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