Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chagrin Falls, OH (4/18/2015)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Our first spring flower.
Chionodoxa sp/Glory of the Snow
We seem to have a fairy ring of flowers around the maple tree
Saturday, April 18, 2015
As long as we were going to Chagrin Falls, we decided to try the award-winning Sirna's Pizzeria, located at 11782 E Washington Street. We started at single digits on E Washington Street in Chagrin Falls, and soon entered another county! When we reached Bainbridge, we became concerned, but the GPS told us to keep going! Ten miles from Chagrin Falls, we reached the pizzeria that is actually located in Auburn Corners. The owner said something about the postal address being one thing and the actual location another. The extra drive was worth it, however, and the White Garden pizza was scrumptious.
We returned to Chagrin Falls to admire mostly 19th-century architecture.
120 E Washington Street (1875)
Note wrought-iron arch
Village Hall at 21 W Washington Street
Golden Gate Masonic Lodge No. 245 (1923, in Neoclassical Revival style)
at 11 W Washington Street
4 E Washington Street
4 E Washington Street clock tower and weathervane
52 S Franklin Street (1880, in Queen Anne style)
60 S Franklin Street (1860, in Italianate style)
William J Scott-George Hurlburt House
(1873 foundation, 1901 Gabled Ell) at 23 Maple Street
Looks like an old school playground swingset
31 Walnut Street (1925, Craftsman Bungalow)
24 Walnut Street (1860 Victorian)
24 Walnut Street detail 
Old Post Office (1939, by WPA) at 34 W Washington Street
Wrought-iron sign of new tenant at the Old Post Office
Weatherworn bird house
Chagrin Falls
Chagrin River dam
Bell Street Park fountain base (KSS) 
James Hicks-Charles Hern House
(ca. 1857/1859, Upright and Wing) at 291 Bell Street
The Upright and Wing style is classic Western Reserve architecture.
Cyrus Ely-James Clark House (1872, Upright and Wing) at 349 Bell Street
The above house was likely constructed by brick mason and Englishman William "Boss" Hutchings.
Mary Braund House (1911, American Foursquare) at 465 Bell Street
Alice B Robens House (ca. 1891, in Queen Anne style) at 468 Bell Street
The above house was originally built at 498 E Washington Street, and was moved here in 1949.
This Buteo lineatus/Red-shouldered Hawk kind of stood out
429 E Washington Street (1923, Craftsman)
401 E Washington Street (1925, interesting rounded roof edges)
Chagrin Falls memorials to fallen military residents
236 E Washington Street (1895) detail
223 E Washington Street (1860) with gingerbread trim woodwork

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