Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 Tucson: Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (5/16/2015)

Saturday, May 16, 2015 (continued)
We made our way back down Sentinel Peak and drove west on Speedway Boulevard, which became Gates Pass Road, taking us through Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains. We stopped at a scenic overlook on the west side. In restrospect, there are scenic overlooks on both sides of the pass, and the east side would have been better in the morning.
Gates Pass to the left
We continued on Gates Pass Road, and made a right on Kinney Road to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. This museum/zoo/botanical garden/gallery deserves its title as the number one attraction in the Tucson area. Ginger saved us a bundle of money by giving us free passes.
Cylindropuntia fulgida/Chain Fruit or Jumping Cholla
We had been warned about the Jumping Cholla that will break off and grab on to you if you brush against it ever so lightly.
Juvenile Atthis heloisa/Bumblebee Hummingbird
Tamiko in the Ironwood Gallery with
Hunt & Peck (2012) by Vicki Banks
Nolina bigelowii/Bigelow Nolina
Yucca elata/Soaptree Yucca
Opuntia bigelovii/Teddy Bear Cholla,
definitely not cuddly!
Aspidoscelis arizonae/Arizona Striped Whiptail Lizard
Karen in a ramada/shade shelter
Heloderma suspectum/Gila Monster
The Gila Monster was wandering through the undergrowth, and a museum volunteer radioed security. Although venomous, his bite would not be deadly, and the creature is so slow and sluggish that he is not a danger to alert humans.
Evolution of Birds by Dion Wright
Calypte costae/Costa's Hummingbird
Stenocereus thurberi/Organ Pipe Cactus
Condalia globosa/Bitter Condalia (KAH)
Shrek cactus
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus/Cactus Wren
Yucca brevifolia/Joshua Tree
Ovis canadensis nelson/Desert Bighorn Sheep
A labyrinth
Lophocereus schottii f monstrosus/Totem Pole Cactus
Fouquieria splendens/Ocotillo
Fouquieria splendens/Ocotillo flower
Agave bovicornuta var/Cowhorn Agave
Mammillaria standleyi
Mammillaria setspina/Pincushion Cactus
Opuntia basilaris/Beaver Tail Cactus
Ferocactus wislizeni/Fishhook Barrel Cactus
Trichocereus/Hybrid Torch Cactus
Sciurus arizonensis/Arizona Gray Squirrel
Fouquieria columnaris/Boojum Tree
Saguaro skeleton and Pachycereus marginatus
Mexican Fence Post Cactus
Urocyon cinereoargenteus/Gray Fox
Cactus Wren in a saguaro bloom
Pecari tajacu/Collared Peccary/Javelina
Larrea tridentata/Creosote Bush
Canis latrans/Coyote (KAH)
Geococcyx californianus/Greater Roadrunner (KAH)
We managed to see a roadrunner cross the road in front of us one day, carrying perhaps a lizard in his beak.
Cynomys ludovicianus Black-tailed Prairie Dogs
View over the Desert Loop Trail area
Somewhere out there on that trail, a broken branch lying on the ground snagged Karen's ankle for her second minor injury of the day.
Mineral exhibit (KAH)
Gift shop with Amerind wares (KAH)
Navajo carvings
We grabbed a fruit yogurt at the Ironwood Terraces food court to tide us over.

Next: Saguaro National Park West.

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