Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Tucson: DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun (5/17/2015)

Sunday, May 17, 2015 (continued)
After lunch, we drove north on N Swan Road to DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun in a small enclave developed by the artist Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia (1909-1982). He designed and constructed all the buildings (1950-1965), including a gallery (1965) to house his own works. Construction was with the help of Yaqui and O'odham natives.
Karen at Degrazia Gallery
DeGrazia Gallery entrance
Ginger at DeGrazia Gallery doors
DeGrazia Gallery doors
Pickaxe-legged table (KAH)
Christmas Saguaro
DeGrazia's reputation was made when his 1957 oil painting “Los Niños” was chosen for a 1960 UNICEF holiday card. His legendary status increased when in 1976, he burned 100 of his paintings to protest inheritance taxes on works of art.
Gallery floor and relief art
Untitled Nuns flying kites
Fiesta at San Xavier
Folded Plate
Spaniards Going to the Sea
DeGrazia worked in a wide range of media, but its best known for paintings of the local people without facial features, or just black dots for eyes.
Ceramic bell
Saguaro Crown
Gallery courtyard
Rock with azurite (blue) and malachite (green)
Mission in the Sun Chapel
Chapel door made with saguaro ribs
Blue glass windows in the chapel
Chapel altar
The grave of Ettore DeGrazia
The grave of his wife, Marion DeGrazia

The area was declared a National Historic District in 2006.

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