Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Canada West: Stanley Park (6/25/2015)

Thursday, June 25, 2015 (continued)
From Chinatown, we headed downtown in Vancouver.
Gastown Steam Clock (1977, by Raymond Saunders),
it's hard to see it steaming as it does every 15 minutes;
runs off a sidewalk steam vent
The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (1939,
designed by John S Archibald and John Schofield
The Drop (2009, by Inges Idee,
a group of four German artists)
Seaplane heading to the "runway"
The seaplane takes off
Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre
Digital Orca/Pixel or Lego Whale
(2009, by Douglas Coupland)
Poole Plaza and the Vancouver Olympic Flame Cauldron (2010),
made to resemble icicles (KSS)
Poole Plaza wading Larus glaucescens/Glaucous-winged Gull
Komagata Maru Memorial (2012)
to remember the incident in 1914 when
the Japanese steamship arrived in Vancouver
with 376 British India citizens (KSS)
Komagata Maru Memorial: Only 24 passengers were allowed to land,
the rest were of Indian heritage and were sent back to India
Komagata Maru Memorial: Upon return to Calcutta,
the British police tried to arrest certain passengers
and a riot ensued, killing 19; the rest of the passengers
were arrested and imprisoned 
LightShed/Silver House on Stilts
(2004, by Liz Magor) (KSS)
Coal Harbour
Coal Harbour houseboats
Finally we entered Stanley Park, North America's third largest urban park.
View towards the iconic skyline of Vancouver
with the "sails" of Canada Place (KSS)
Welcome Gateway by Susan Point
Squamish totem group
View of the Vancouver port from Brockton Point
Brockton Point Lighthouse (1914)
Lumberman's Arch (1952) (PBB)
Girl in Wetsuit (2007, by Elek Imredy)
Figurehead from the RMS Empress of Japan (1890),
a ship of the Canadian Pacific Steamships Co.
We stopped for lunch at the Prospect Point Café.
Tamiko and Brynne with view of the Lion's Gate Bridge (KSS)
Prospect Point Café's Stanley Park beer (KSS)
Poutine, a Canadian dish of French fries
with cheese curds and gravy
Fish 'n' chips
View from Prospect Point of a shellfishing boat
Lion's Gate Bridge and North Vancouver
Propspect Point erhu player
Hollow Tree
Stanley Park has stands of
Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red cedar
Siwash Rock, a sea stack
Stanley Park Seawall Promenade is 5.5 miles
Ardea herodias fannini/Pacific Great Blue Heron (KSS)
Next: More Vancouver.

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CC Honda said...

I'm so excited to see your Canadian pics! It just so happens that we too took a similar tour, our's started on June 23 in Calgary and from there to Banff, Jasper, Kamploops, Vancouver, and Victoria! We even ate at the same place as you in Kamloops at the Noble Pig. It's nice to see your take on the same sights and how detailed you are on the photos. I found your blog because I originally was searching for blogs that detailed by former trip in 2013 to the Rhine River. We took the cruise going the opposite way, starting from Amsterdam. What a coincidence that we took two similar vacations, I guess good minds think alike!