Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Canada West: Vancouver (6/23/2015)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 (continued)
We continued to follow the Fraser River into the city of Vancouver, BC.
Giant Drill Bit in front of a Canadian Tire store
The Giant Drill Bit shavings reflect the
organization of Canadian Tire store departments:
DrivingPlayingLiving, and Fixing
It was reduced-price evening hours at the Museum of Anthropology, with one of the world’s finest collections of Northwest Coast First Nations art.
Feast dishes (KSS)
Cedar Man (c. 1984,
by Nuu-chah-nulth artist Joe David) (KSS)
Ceremonial bench held by two slaves
(c. 1906, by Siwis/George Nelson and Quatsino Hansen) (KSS)
Haida Bear (1966, by Bill Reid, whose mother was of the Haida Nation)
Museum of Anthropology Great Hall (KSS)
The Museum, part of the University of British Columbia, also houses over 40,000 ethnographic objects from almost every part of the world, including the South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
There was a special exhibit: Heaven, Hell & Somewhere in Between: Portuguese Popular Art.
Ceramic Musicians (2010,
by Maria Helena Pedro da Silva from Barcelos)
Pottery plaque by the Misterio Brothers (KSS)
Marionettes of Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama,
King of Melindi, and Monsayeed
(2012, by Jorge Cerqueira from Sintra)
The Multiversity Galleries:
Maha Kola Sanni Yakka mask
(<1978, from Sri Lanka) (KSS)
Wicker motorcycle from Java (KSS)
The Raven and the First Men (1980, by Bill Reid)
Sea monster 'Yagis eating an oil tanker(2012, by 'Nusi/Ian Reid),
the response of the Heiltsuk Nation to the proposed
Northern Gateway pipeline and to oil tanker traffic 
Hat (by Isabel Rorick and Robert Davidson, Haida)
Sleeman Makazin/moccasins (by Charlene Vickers, Anishinaabe) (KSS)
Thunderbird Costume by Calvin Hunt
of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation (KSS)
Photo represents how crowded the displays are
The museum building (1976) was designed by
Arthur Erickson, inspired by the post and beam
architecture of the Haida Nation
Outdoor Exhibits:
Front: Memorial pole, Double mortuary pole
Rear: Mortuary house with frontal pole,
house with frontal pole (all designed by Bill Reid)
Double mortuary pole in front of mortuary house
and house with frontal pole
We stopped for dinner at the Manchester Public Eatery/House (i.e., pub!) before checking in at the Atrium Inn Vancouver.

Next: Butchart Gardens.

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