Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cleveland Garden Walk (7/11/2015)

Saturday, July 11, 2015
A sunny day with clear skies; perfect weather for a garden walk. This year we headed to the Detroit-Shoreway that claims to be one of the coolest and most diverse neighborhoods in Cleveland, OH.
Grace Avenue had three homes on the tour, and as many bonus homes because the neighbors help each other, and share those Canna x generalis/Burgundy-leaf Cannas!
Re-purposed salvaged rocks in tree lawn
Re-purposed high-top sneakers
"White picket oasis in the city" (KSS)
Albert Hart Orchard and Garden,
a community green space on Wakefield Avenue (KSS)
Albert Hart Orchard and Garden:
Giant cherries? (KSS)
Blackberries (KSS)
Houses on Franklin Boulevard (both 1890) (KSS)
Yard with arbor and "firewood storage"
Not sure what this is about (KSS)
Bee hives and rain barrel (KSS)
Interesting yard art
"Ettore's Zen Garden"
Buddleja davidii/Butterfly Bush (KSS)
Monarda sp/Horsemint of Bee Balm (KSS)
"Kids' play arbor" (KSS)
Isotoma fluviatilis/Blue Star Creeper and Ice Plant
Shrinking yard of grass (KSS)
Sedum sp (KSS)
Re-purposed swingset
Re-used plastic jugs (KSS)
There were many chicken coops (and chickens!) (KSS)
"The most colorful house around" (1914)
Then this is the most colorful garage (KSS)
Multi-level fountain
Flagstones (KSS)
Cogswell Hall (1913 as a home for girls,
now a home for low-income adults with disabilities,
with a 2009 LEED Silver-certified addition) (KSS)
Behind Cogswell Hall (KSS) 
Gutter seedling forest (KSS)
Lily seeds (KSS)
Blue glass wall (KSS)
Blue glass and blue glass slag (KSS)
6822 Franklin Blvd (1900), former Leimkuehler Funeral Home
6822 Franklin Blvd "before" picture of back yard (KSS)
6822 Franklin Blvd: Mural on garage wall
6822 Franklin Blvd: Garage (KSS)
6822 Franklin Blvd:
Fountain made from plow disc (KSS)
Celtic cross
6616 Franklin Boulevard (1910)
Sign left from recently demolished
Uncle Dee's Ice Cream store
6314 Franklin Boulevard (1900) (KSS)
6314 Franklin Blvd: Original door? (KSS)
Many, many vegetable gardens
Jade Rabbit of Moon Place (2011) by Beth Gregerson
Musical Rat (2008) by Milan Kecman
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'/Snowball Hydrangea
Labyrinth Garden with sculpture by John Jackson (KSS)
Lilium x Hybrid Oriental Trumpet 'Albany'
Blackbird arbor
Blackbird (KSS)
Hemerocallis sp/Double daylily
Koi pond
Fancy rain barrel
Re-purposed pallets (KSS)
Tree face on pallet (KSS)
Penny ball (KSS)
Hydrangea macrophylla normalis/Lacecap Hydrangea
Patio of former Pioneer Savings Bank on Detroit Avenue
Former Templin-Bradley Company Building (1916);
they sold Penney Packets of flower seeds (KSS)
Now the Templin Bradley Lofts with
Garden Mirrors (2015) by Steve O'Hearn (KSS)
Garden Mirrors "allows visitors to
to be part of the landscape"
Re-inventing the Templin-Bradley Co test gardens
Former St Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church (1905),
now part of Cleveland Public Theater
Biggest garden of the day (KSS)
Asian-theme bird bath
Even a garden shed and koi pond (KSS)
Wooden pig (KSS)
65th Street Pedestrian Tunnel to Edgewater Park (KSS)
Mosaic murals by Colleen Fraser (KSS)
More mosaic murals (KSS)
Edgewater Park on Lake Erie (KSS)
Bocce Ball Court on W 67 St
"Yard for entertaining" (KSS)
Re-purposed ammo box (KSS)
Railroad Garden with Bob W and Kent
Railroad Garden (KSS)
Railroad Garden (KSS)
Railroad Garden with aerial cable car (KSS)
"Dog-free garden with brick patio" (KSS)
Concrete art (KSS)
"Best front porch on the street" (KSS)
Nice rain barrel (KSS)
Grape arbor covering half the back yard (KSS)
Tiered garden (KSS)
We did not hit all 90 spots on this garden walk tour; maybe about 60!

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