Saturday, April 23, 2016

Edgewater Park (4/23/2016)

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Passing the Quicken Loans Arena;
"All In" for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they start
 the playoffs for the NBA Championship
A monstrous banner on Tower City
(in case you don't know, #23 LeBron James
is King of basketball in Cleveland)
The weather map showed no clouds as we headed to the west side of Cleveland to hike in Edgewater Park. However, the weather map did not show the fog sitting over the city! This hike was to see view of the Cleveland skyline...
Statue of Richard Wagner (1911, by
Herman N Matzen) commissioned by
the Goethe-Schiller Society
Dansa (1981) Charles Ginnever;
the sculpture is meant to illustrate the concept of origami
Some big ol' Platanus occidentalis/American sycamore trees
Conrad Mizer Memorial Fountain (1909) for
the local founder of public park concerts;
one of the oldest monuments in Cleveland
The beach at Edgewater Park
We took a detour through the W 76th Street "subway" or tunnel (1914) that allows pedestrians to safely "cross" a highway and a railroad. The railroad paid half the cost when citizens protested the construction of elevated tracks that separated the neighborhoods from Lake Erie.
In 2013, the portal was updated with Cold Front,
an art installation by Mark Reigelmann II,
meant to evoke the thick glaciers that carved out Lake Erie
The tunnel's ramp looks like the plants
will climb and cover the wall
After touring the Edgewater Hill area, we returned to Edgewater Park.
Bike Box
Parcours exercise station
Edgewater Yacht Club with view of foggy Cleveland
A sidewalk into the lake...
Fishing pier
Wedding photos; too bad it was such a gray day
Cleveland MetroParks Murals (2015) by Mac Love;
meant to be a single wall of panels, but each can stand alone
View from the beach of Cold Front
Sonchus arvensis/Perennial Sowthistle,
a non-native invasive plant, thus a weed,
which is a plant where it is not wanted
New steps on the dirt trail
Looking back on the skyline; is the fog lifting?
A paraglider
Rough shore on the north end of Edgewater Park
The promised view of the Cleveland skyline
Old Edgewater piers
View from the grassy knoll
We took another detour through the Cleveland neighborhood of Edgewater, then headed home through the city.
Now the sky is clear for a view of the Cleveland skyline!
The semicircular building on the right is the Carl B Stokes Federal Court House Building (1997-2002).
The Stokes Federal Court House is adorned by the
11m/37' bronze Cleveland Venus (2003) by Jim Dine,
one of his variations on the Venus de Milo

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