Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gracious Gardens of Shaker Heights (6/19/2016)

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Happy Father's Day!
We had tickets for the Gracious Gardens of Shaker Heights self-guiding tour.
3554 Glencairn Road (1963), a two-family house,
with an artificial flower wreath...
For feeding birds and squirrels
A fairy garden?
The hidden pond garden behind the garage
Little koi in the pond
Across the street, a neighbor had a hillside "gazebo"
19850 Marchmont Road (1936)
Clematis lamp; this garden had so much clematis,
which made us especially sad that our own plants
may not have survived the prolonged fence installation
Lion fountain
Backyard patio
'Laughing Lion' Iris
Log cabin style picnic shelter
Lap pool 
19701 S Woodland Road (1929)
Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'/Dappled Willow
and a trellis arch
Disc swing
New back porch
Flavored water refreshment:
orange mint and lemon basil
Definitely a yard for the kids!
New stonework
2866 Brighton Road (1922)
Raccoon-proof trash cans
Clematis arch
Double Josephine clematis bloom
Thalictrum flavum ssp glaucum/
Pale Yellow Meadow Rue
Like Arrow Alum, with seed pods
Waterfall and pond
Tomato plant protected from critters
19100 Shaker Boulevard (1935)
New brick-lined walkway
New rose arbor
New "fire pit"
The ingredients for S'mores
Neighborhood hedges 
2703 Leighton Road (1922)
Sectional hedges surround the backyard
Behind the hedges are the vegetable
gardens, protected from deer
Whimsical sculpture
Metal whirlygig
Metallic crows on a bar (crowbar?)
Covered patio
Audrey Stout Learning Garden in the courtyard
of Shaker Heights High School
Bench decorated by art students
One side is lined with raspberry bushes
Yellow raspberries
Espaliered apple and pear trees
Section with plants native to Asia

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