Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rouen I (7/6/2016)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
The way to pronounce Rouen correctly, is said to sound like a donkey braying. The 'r' is so far back in the throat that you hardly hear it, then a blended 'ooo-o[n],' without pronouncing the 'n.' Got it?
This morning was spent cruising along the Seine. Many people slept in. There was a presentation at 10:00 about St Joan of Arc.
Unlike the River Rhein, there are no signs telling you the names of the towns along the river, nor are there giant kilometer markers.
Somewhere S of Orival (KSS)
Somewhere S of Orival (KSS)
Heading N towards Orival;
starting to see white cliffs of chalk limestone (KSS)

S of Orival (KSS)
Looking back at the pilothouse, Orival (KSS)
CCI Port Angot loading dock
White chalk limestone cliffs N of Orival (KSS)
The Viking Rolf pilothouse (KSS)
The pilothouse can be raised and lowered (KSS)
Cléon (KSS)
Chalk limestone cliff across from Cléon (KSS)
Route A13 bridge at Oissel (KSS)
Parish Church of St Martin, Oissel (KSS)
Quai de Stalingrad, Oissel (KSS)
La Chapelle de Saint-Adrien, Belbeuf (KSS)
Church of Saint-Rémy, Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie (KSS)
Heading into Rouen (KSS)
Cathédrale de Rouen and Viaduc d'Eauplet (KSS)
Graffiti (KSS)
Boat-shaped building on Île Lacroix (KSS)
Hôtel du Département de Seine-Maritime/
Like a provincial capitol of the Department of
Maritime Seine (smaller than a state,
bigger than a county) tower (KSS)
Panorama XXL cultural center (KSS)
Pont Gustave-Flaubert (2008), a unique vertical lift bridge (KSS)
Graffiti (KSS)
Viking crew member handles the ropes (KSS)
The Co-captain readies the gangplank (KSS)
The Captain fine-tunes the docking at side controls (KSS)
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