Friday, August 19, 2016

Celebration of a New Adventure (8/19/2016)

Friday, August 19, 2016
Our niece, Leah, tied the knot on Wednesday, 8/17/2016, with her traveling partner of the last two years, Rusty. After graduating from the University at Buffalo, they worked for two years, then took two years to travel across the United States. They had been active members of the UB OAC (Outdoor Adventure Club) and continued the adventures on weekends. The two years of travel became the "Never Ending Weekend," with one outdoor adventure after another. Those two years are over, and Leah & Rusty are embarking on a new adventure, marriage.
Close family and friends were invited to celebrate on Friday, 8/19/2016, at the Thomas X Grasso Erie Canal Lodge in Greece Canal Park, near Rochester, NY.
Leah & Rusty
Thomas X Grasso Erie Canal Lodge fireplace
Thomas X Gasso was a leader in the preservation of the Erie Canal.
Video and photo books of their travels
Rusty's family was responsible for much of the food
Rusty's mom made the Grand Tetons brownie cake
At the peak
Leah's brother, Mark, with Brynne and Mark's girlfriend, Carolin
Brynne with her Uncle Phil and Gale
Leah's brother, Eric, with Brynne and Leah's mom, Kathy (my sister)
There was volleyball and badminton, Spikeball and KanJam
Also Giant Jenga, ladder ball, and croquet
And a slackline
Mark tries the slackline
Brynne and I went to look for the Erie Canal.
Erie Canal at Greece Canal Park
The Impressionistic dusk view doesn't come through in the photo
It was a fitting celebration for this couple! Congrats, Leah & Rusty!

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