Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Grandsons do Cedar Point (8/3/2016)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
When Kyle and Erich visited their grandparents in Ohio, they traditionally went to the amusement park at Cedar Point. Cedar Point is the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, with 17 roller coasters. We certainly saw and heard them, but roller coasters were not on Dylan and Pete's list.
I don't know if in the past Cedar Point had all the ride restrictions that they do now... Pete was tall enough (over 48" and under 54") for almost every ride, and Dylan was too tall (over 54") for most of the children's rides, and Dylan and Pete were not interested in most of the usual medium-thrill amusement park rides.
Pete with Aunt Brynne at the Dodgem bumper cars;
they were great because they could go anywhere
and did not have to all go in one direction
Dylan in his Dodgem bumper car
Pete on a Dune Buggy
Dylan on the Denzel Carrousel
Pete on a helicopter
We had lunch at Johnny Rockets.
The ketchup that came with the kids' meals!
The smiley faces cracked us up! (There
was a ketchup bottle on the table, too!)
For dessert we had make-your-own frozen yogurt cups;
this one is Pete's with nearly every topping available!
Pete and Dylan on the Peanuts 500 ride
(Dylan was allowed on a couple rides only
if he accompanied someone under 54")
Aunt Brynne accompanied Pete on the Wilderness Run
kiddie roller coaster, and Pete opted to get off after one round
Pete on the Red Baron airplane ride;
as you can see, Dylan and Aunt Brynne spent most of the time
watching Pete and waiting for Pete, and getting drinks for Pete, and...
Pete was the child companion of Dylan
on the Camp Bus in Camp Snoopy
Sort of a Ferris wheel ride
Pete did not like the downs of the ups and downs
of Woodstock's Airmail ride
Paid extra to visit the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit: Pack Attack
with moving and roaring dinosaurs
Dylan and Pete at the control console of a Stegosaurus
Dylan, Aunt Brynne, and Pete with a couple
Tyrannosaurus Rexes and a Triceratops
Dylan drives us in the Antique Car, with Pete as navigator
Pete waves from the Thunder Canyon raft ride
(Aunt Brynne is behind him)
You see Pete's head sticking out to the left of the center seats,
already trying to avoid the waterfall, but he came back soaking wet!
Dylan, Pete, and Aunt Brynne in the stocks of Frontiertown
(Pete grabbed the middle stocks because Dylan said
he was going to use them... that left Aunt Brynne with the
shortest stocks...)
A final trip on the Sky Ride, looking down the Midway
The view towards Lake Erie
A few of the roller coasters
Next: Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

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Vivian Lacroix said...

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