Sunday, July 31, 2016

Grandsons do Living Treasures Animal Park (7/31/2016)

Sunday, July 31, 2016
After braving terrific rainstorms and traffic backups from motor vehicle accidents, we arrived in Maryland yesterday. This morning we picked up the grandsons, Dylan and Pete, and headed back to Ohio. To break up the long drive, we stopped for a leisurely lunch, and then at the Living Treasures Animal Park in New Castle, PA.
Phoenicopterus chilensis/Chilean Flaminoes
on their nests, one has an egg!
Dylan and Pete "pose"
Dylan, Grandpa S, Pete
The aviary had cockatiels (and love birds)
A joey in the pouch! Macropus rufus/Red Kangaroo
The joey out of the pouch!
Pete feeding a Macropus rufogriseus/
Bennett Wallaby
Dylan feeding a young Red Kanagaroo;
this park seemed to be all about feeding
the animals, but only with park-provided food
Who's is supposed to be on guard? Cynomys sp/Prairie Dogs
Mandrillus sphinx/Mandrill made of keys, forks, spoons, etc.
Albino Hystrix cristata/African Crested Porcupines
Big lazy kitty: Panthera leo/Lion
Pete with a distant relative
Dylan: What does that sign say?
White Panthera tigris tigris/Bengal Tiger;
the park also has a white American Bison 
Grandpa watches Pete feed the Giraffe camelopardalis reticulate/
Reticulated Giraffe
Dylan also fed the giraffe, whose long black tongue
was quick to grab that piece of lettuce!
Next: Museum of Natural History.

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