Monday, August 1, 2016

Grandsons do the Museum of Natural History (8/1/2016)

Monday, August 1, 2016
Today we went to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which was a traditional destination for Kyle and Erich when they visited their grandparents in Ohio.
Kyle and Erich with the Steggie the Stegosaurus (1964) in 1987
The 1/2 mile was a hike for "some of us" from the parking spot near the Museum of Art.
Grandpa, Pete and Dylan with Steggie II (1997),
who has been colorized now that they have scientifically
figured out possible color schemes for dinosaurs
Dylan, Pete, and Grandma (KSS)
Carolus Linnaeus (1920) by Carl Eldh,
with a muse rising behind his feet;
Linnaeus is the botanist ans zoologist who
developed the system of naming plants and
animals by genus and species (KSS)
African Spotted Leopard grabbing for a Springbok;
I think the exhibits inside the museum have also been updated since 1987!
Pete works on the skull puzzle
Both the skull and Pete are missing a
couple front teeth!
The visit was a run-through with stops at anything with buttons to push!
Next: Headlands Beach.

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